Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Renfrew Fair

Two fridays ago, Darryl and I trucked on down to the Frew for the 156th Renfrew Fair. Alison joined us, and we kicked things off by playing the Grocery Game.

Most people probably have no idea. The Grocery Game is THE BEST. You pay two bucks and get three paddles with numbers. Then once all the paddles are sold, they spin the wheel and the winning number wins a bag of groceries. JUST LIKE THAT! Its a classic and its BRILLIANT! We lost.

The next stop was the Bacon on a Bun booth which is just as disgusting and delicious as it sounds. My mommy and her friends [including Deb shown here on the right] put a team together and worked in there for the night, which resulted in many free and delicious future heart-attacks for me.

We joined some of my friends, and headed to the grandstand where Shane Yellowbird [woo! Albertans!] was performing, then standing there in a power failure, then eventually returning. Good times. I took this picture of the fair while waiting for him to come back.

Alison was sad that she couldn't ride the classic Hampton Combos, which lead us to ask what the hell is a Hampton Combo?

Here I am with some of the necessary fair foods... the bacon on a bun and a piece of fudge. I still have about 1/3 of my fudge left. That's some intense rationing!

The next day, we decided to spend the ridiculous amount to ride all day, so we went to the fair early so it would be worth it. We did the tour of the barns, and just happened to be there when Mel was showing her cow. She was the Reserve Champion. Huzzah!

Here is Kristin overlooking the fair on the Ferris wheel. Good times! Oh how I'd missed the rides in my two-year absence from the fair!

One of the games had Michael Jackson dolls as a prize. Too soon.

Here are Kristin, Rebecca, Darryl and Stephanie waiting to ride the Dizzy Dragons, at which we had a lovely chat with the mayor of Renfrew, with whom we made fun of a carnie. I love Sandy Heins.

We ran into Mrs Brumm, who was a teacher at my elementary school. She's recovering from breast cancer and doing well. She's awesome.

We went on the Scrambler, and it was a really old school shitty one, so it pretty much sucked. The one we used to have was way better.

Then my fucking jerk friends dragged me onto the Fireball.

Here were are, upside down. I think if you look close enough, you can actually hear me swearing. The woman across the ride from me was loving watching me. HAH

Here are Stephanie and I with Mme. Keon, who was our wicked French teacher until Grade 2. She has alopecia, not cancer, and is now crusading against wigmakers for their insane markup, and how they're robbing sick women. She's a fantastic woman.

Here is Darryl with his coworkers, who just happened to trip up to Renfrew for some fun. How random!

Here is my brother Josh on the Ferris wheel. We rode the Fireball a second time and he came with us. I was better with the ride that time, until I realized we'd eaten just 15 minutes before, and I started to get queasy near the end. Upside down and full are never a good combo.

Stephanie and I take a great picture together... even up in the air!

And to cap it all off, we rode the Tilt-A-Whirl about 10 times, because its AMAZING. This was the last ride of the night before the fair rolled away until next year :(


Elyse said...

i saw your father at the fair with his other family... i did not see you :( i took the step children on saturday... they had a lovely time and thank god they slept most of the way back to gatineau

Deb said...

You are a good valley boy, Michael!

I love the grocery game too. We lost as well, though.

angela auclair said...

this was awesome!
i love fairs. ridiculously so. adding renfrew onto the list for next year;)
(did maxville, avonmore,williamstown, newington and new york state fair this year ). but no bacon on a bun OR grocery game...still lots of fair life for me to discover;)

Elyse said...

i am wondering if you will ever blog again....

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Here's what I need to know... what was in the bag of groceries? Because that would only be a great prize if the right groceries were in there, like say, oyster crackers, a bag of baby carrots and some orange juice. If it was a bag with a can of mushroom soup, celery and metamucil I would have to hand it back. said...


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