Monday, August 23, 2010

The Toronto

The first weekend of August, Darryl and I rented a car and headed on down to Toronto. The car was upgraded to a Chrysler 300 Touring, AND the price was downgraded $20 for no apparent reason. It was amazing. It was also my first time driving on the 401, which everyone makes a big deal out of, but it was easy! [Just stay in the fast lane and you're fine!]

We stayed at the Westin Harbour Castle, which gave us an amazing view of the water and the CN Tower. We went with which got us a super cheap room. We assumed we'd get a standard room, but instead, we got a fantastic room on a preferred guest floor. Again, the universe was throwing awesome at us!

After getting settled, we headed on down to the tower.

Darryl took us for dinner in the lovely rotating restaurant. It was [A] my first rotating dinner, and [B] the first time I've been up in the CN Tower since I was a child, aka the first time I actually remember. Again, we were kind of late and had no reservations, but they got us a table. Thank you! The dinner was fantastic :)

And even though we finished eating after the building was closed, they still let us stop at the observation deck. I enjoyed being bathed in red light.

But Darryl just couldn't hide when purple came calling...

There weren't many other people out there, but we finally chased down some people to take our pic. Thanks to them as well!

It took me about 5 minutes to finally gain the physical ability to step out onto the glass floor, and that was first accomplished only by holding onto Darryl's shoulders. I just couldn't do it!

Eventually, we were back on the ground. The next day, we went to the Ontario Science Centre, to check out the awesome Harry Potter exhibit, with stuff from the movies. The costumes the kids wore in the first movie were SO TINY.

Again, I can't believe how great our view was from the hotel.

Saturday afternoon, we went to the ROM [my first time]. We only had two hours, and its really more of an all day museum, but we blew through as much as possible. It was fun.

We even saw the Terracotta Army men, which was pretty nifty.

That night, we were at the Molson Amphitheater

Where Lady Antebellum was freaking awesome [I've wanted to see them for a while!]

And Tim McGraw was great for my second time.

On the Sunday, we went shopping on Yonge St., then it was eventually time to head back to Ottawa in the rain. Thank you, Toronto!


Deb said...

That really was a nice view; sounds like a good time!

katrocket said...

yay! I wish I knew you were coming - I would've taken you and Darryl for dinner too! Sounds like a wonderful weekend...