Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Surgery

WARNING: The last two pictures (of six) show minor surgery incisions. Either you are into that sort of thing and should scroll right down, or you're not into that sort of thing, and you should wait for my next blog post to read about my life. Or, why not try out the archives!?

About two years ago, I was sitting at this very desk, on this very chair, at a different computer, in a different apartment. As I always did, I rested my foot on one of the casters on the bottom of the chair, and noticed some minor pain. I decided to inspect my foot, and noticed a lump in the arch, underneath the skin. Obviously I assumed I had cancer and was well on my way to death. I also decided to ignore the problem, to see if it would grow or go away.

Months passed, and I woke up one day with my foot all swollen like crazy, and I was unable to walk. Somehow I got to the emergency room, where they eventually gave me anti-inflammatories, and everything went back to normal. About 3 months later, it happened again, and about 6 months later, it happened again. The lump never got bigger, but I was walking slightly on the side of my foot, throwing everything out of line. I couldn't walk long distances, or run, without it starting to hurt.

So I went to a foot clinic. And then again. And again. And again. And again. Each different doctor, stupider than the last. One would tell me they didn't know what the lump was. The next would tell me I'd have it removed, but then my next appointment would just be a new doctor starting from the beginning again. One my last visit, I left the clinic furious, swearing a blue streak. I made a decision to never return there. These appointments wasted a year.

In June, I decided to take a day off work, and see my family doctor in Renfrew for the first time since 1998. He instantly told me a surgery appointment would be set up. Two weeks ago, I was called, and on Monday night, I was on the bus home to Renfrew again.

Tuesday morning was my pre-op, where a hilarious guy named Brad talked me through the surgery (not that its complicated) and helped me find the blood taking clinic, where the lovely woman there took my blood easily and I left immediately. No passing out!

That night, I took this picture of a sunset, which I'm using as filler space just to absolutely make sure people who don't want to see the incision pictures wont see it when they open this post. I'm so kind. Its really not that gross. Don't worry.

Wednesday morning, I went in for surgery. When they put in my IV, I thought I was going to vomit and/or pass out. It was intense, but I called a nurse over and she quickly fixed me up. Apparently that happens to people when an IV causes their blood pressure to drop. It was freaky. But the surgery was easy... They knocked me out, and I was awake in recovery 40 minutes later. I got Brad to show me the lump they had removed. It was white and red and looked spongy and gross. Bye bye!

I got a sweet bootie.

And my toes were all grossly covered with iodine or something. When I woke up, my toes were stuck together and I was like WHAT THE FRIGGIN' HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

The next day, I got to take the bandage off. It was gross.

And now I've got this little cut. But its healing really well. I could walk on my heel the first day, then not at all the second day, but I've been walking again ever since. Today its all bruised which is lame. But I've almost completely weened myself of the oxycocet with over half the bottom left. So, err, its up for sale ;) hah

After a week in Renfrew, with lots of friends and family time, I'm back in Ottawa. Off for two more days, then back to work Wednesday for a short shift. Yay!

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