Friday, August 27, 2010

The Fourth Wedding

This past weekend, my cousin Cheryl got married in Renfrew. It was a rainy day, but we made the best of it.

Pre-wedding, post-dressing, Alison and Momma posed for me.

Somewhere along the line, I misplaced my glasses. Gah! My personality is practically missing in his picture!

Darryl got himself a pretty new shirt and tie for the occasion. And I brought my awesome.

I also met Alison's new boyfriend, Bobby. He was nice. But honestly, I couldn't care less what he's like, as long as he's not her horrible horrible ex. A homeless crack addict would be a suitable upgrade, as long as he's friendly. So, good choice here, Alison!

Finally the wedding began, and my uncle Larry walked Cheryl down the aisle. The ceremony was super fast and somewhat hilarious. Three cheers for a non-religious wedding, after three lengthy Catholic ceremonies this summer!

After the wedding, there was much chatting with the relatives, including dad and my half brother Thomas.

Here are Cheryl and James with Cheryl's parents and grandparents [on her mom's side, since our grandparents on our dads' side are gone].

My aunt Celine was here from Calgary, along with Karl who is unphotographed due to his HORRIFYING outfit. [Seriously, he used to be so well put together, but he was wearing a grey plaid jacket with striped pants, a red shirt, a purple tie, and a pocket square in a different shade of red. And some sort of Hitler haircut.]

The wedding cake was delicious and beautiful. Like almost everything, Cheryl made the cake, after just a few weeks in a cake making class. Well done, I say! And the bottle of crème de menthe in the cake didn't hurt things at all.

Alison tried cutting the cake, but failed.

Its interesting what can happen in 7 years. This is literally the exact same location, give or take a few inches.

My neighbours in Ottawa / Cheryl's cousin Briana / her boyfriend/my friend since Grade 6, Greg, were also in attendance, making it the second wedding I've been to this summer with them.

Darryl seemed to enjoy himself, even though it was an older crowd, with less people our age to talk to.

Here, Rachel chases Thomas. Oh, the children.

And here is my step brother Josh holding Thomas. After 6 or 7 years of him being here, I'm finally getting to know Josh a little more. Its kind of nice. Especially since he's treating me like an older brother, asking me for advice and stuff. It feels kind of cool.

Eventually, Cheryl and James cut the cake. Like I said, it was delicious.

And finally, by the end of the night, I got to spend a little time talking to Cheryl. Best of luck to the happy couple!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You are both so snazzy in your suits and I LOVE that shiny red tie. Handsome and charming - that's what you are.

i am playing outside said...

Thank you, Lunchlady! I love that tie as well... my mom bought it for me in Italy :)