Friday, July 16, 2010

The Roundup

I've been somewhat busy lately, and then lazy which results in not blogging. Here's a roundup of my last week!

Bluesfest has been in full swing since July 6, however there aren't a ton of acts which caught my eye [or ears]. On the 8th, Sebs and I [pictured!] went along with Darryl and Phil to see the B-52s, which was joyous. They opened with my favourite song of theirs, Wig. I was in love. And the weather cooled down just nicely, with the show being literally about an hour after the end of a 5 day insane heatwave, with humidex temperatures reaching 45°C at some points. It was brutal.

Here we see the elders of the B-52s rocking out, still sounding exactly how they always have. Huzzah!

The next night, Darryl and I joined Phil, and his friend Glen, and Glen's roommate Stan, to witness the hot mess that is Courtney Love, and Hole. It was Courtney's birthday, and she was [sadly] on her best behaviour. Ottawa isn't exciting enough for craziness to ensue.

Here is Phil, who owns these pictures, in front of the Courtney Love screen. There was rain that night, but it ended just in time for the music to start. Slowly drying off kept us cool. Also, Darryl had to leave partway through Hole's set because his brother's wife had a baby girl! Yay!

After hole, us boys wandered over to the main stage where Joan Jett and the Blackhearts rocked, then sucked for a long boring chick-rockin' time, then rocked again. Then we went to the bar!

On Monday, I had a doctor's appointment in Renfrew, since its easier to get in to see real doctors than in Ottawa. So on Sunday, I got a drive to Renfrew the very long way, through the Southern portion of the valley which I'm not so familiar with. Along the way, we stopped in Almonte for Celtfest where I saw my mom's cousin Anne, in some little place for a little swim, and eventually in Burnstown to heat pizza and muffins at the neat Café, and a stop at the beach.

Along the way, we also hit up this fantastic marble quarry in Tatlock, which I didn't know existed (see: both quarry and town).

And when we got to Renfrew, I showed off the swinging bridge, which I love.

On Wednesday, Kerri dropped by my work unexpectedly, which was awesome. I hadn't seen her since her birthday/going away party over a year ago, just before she moved to Winnipeg for her masters. She's in Ottawa for about a week more, so we are going to do lunch on Monday. Hooray!

Today at work, I was training our newbie co-op students [tons of free labour all summer? hell yes!] and I accidentally used a hanger to slice into my finger. You can't tell from this picture, but that whole little area beneath the nail is just hanging on by a thread. I'm sorry for the disgusting picture, but if I have to live it, you can look at it. Heh.

Tonight, Darryl and I are taking the midnight bus to Renfrew, because my cousin is getting married in Pembroke tomorrow, to a fantastic gal. It's gonna be an epic open bar outdoor shindig and I'm freaking excited. We'll be back Sunday night to see Weezer close out Bluesfest! So much to do! Have a good weekend, y'all!

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