Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Proofs

For the past several weeks, the University of Ottawa has been constantly emailing, and twice letter-sending. They want me to purchase the photos they took of me at graduation. The only issue is, they're fucking garbage. The pictures that my family took of me from their seats in the balcony are better than the pictures the photographer took from 5 feet away.

Whose hand am I shaking here? Is it Chancellor Huguette Labelle, or maybe its Mrs. Claus? We will never know.

And here. Once we got backstage with our degrees, they chose to take a picture in front of a fake background, which is looking up at the ceiling of Tabaret Hall. This is the least natural background possible. How many ceilings do YOU stand in front of each day?

So, good try, University of Ottawa, but I think its time to fire your photography team. No one I've spoken to is buying what you're selling, and your correspondence is a waste of everyone's time.


katrocket said...

Oh dear! For pic 1, I'm going with "Hand of Santa". I think you look great in the second one, but the background is rather M.C. Escher-ish.

Deb said...

Both are very nice pictures of you, at least!

Anonymous said...

Bahaha, it's so true, I think that they mailed me like 3 times about buying my photos. "University of Ottawa, trying to sell you photos that not even your mother would want".