Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Old Navy BBQ

On Sunday evening, a met up with 10 of my coworkers at our store after closing time. After waiting forever for Sarah to finish counting the cashes, we all piled into a couple cars and headed across the city to her new digs.

Once there, Malaz and I barbecued up a storm, and we all had a great time. Especially since there was a ridiculous amount of gossip flying around. Ahh, coworkers. Here's a small selection of pictures!

Here is the new girl Ana [who tells ridiculous tales about South America], Samantha [who got hired with me... we recently celebrated our first Old Navy Anniversary!] and Konrad [the newest of all the new... and quickly becoming despised by all. I don't know how he got invited to the BBQ].

Here I am with Stacey and Trisha. They rock. No one can ever tell them apart, which is ridiculous.

And here's a good group shot... I love my Old Navy crew! They're the reason I still work there.

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