Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Notock Wedding

Welcome to day 2 of the wedding series. Isn't this fun? Now we get to compare the weddings all at the same time!

June 12, 2010. Renfrew.

I grew up with Rebecca. We played soccer together. We went to Sunday school together. My mom babysat her cousins. My cousin worked with her aunt. We went to high school together. And a million other things.

When we met Chris, Rebecca was 18 and he was 23. It was completely scandalous. But he's a great guy.

And then there's these handsome men. Yes, we just jumped from the church, to mom's house after the wedding. that's how this blog rolls, folks.

And now we're at the reception. Please stay with us. This is here purely for the shot of the dress, since I'm sure the ladies out there would like to see that.

They danced. And a man got low on the floor and blew bubbles. It was adorable.

And this Rebecca was there!

So lets clarify. This is Rebecca F. The bride is Rebecca N, now technically T. There you go.

And Kristin. Nothing says classy wedding like imitations of Asian tourists.

And Traci made it from Oshawa, which was nice, since she never comes out. Lame!

And Chelsey was there, which was completely odd, since she had also been at the wedding we were at in May. Maybe we could become a professional wedding crashing team. Something to ponder.


And Greg! We've lived next door to each other for 8 months, but we have to go to an old friend's wedding to actually SEE each other. Ridiculous. But its his fault for not having Facebook. At least we got a lengthy chat in, which should tide us over for a few years.

And that's that. Hopefully I can post Erik and Jenna's wedding pictures a little faster. Depending on how quick I can sober up after like 8 hours of open bar...

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Deb said...

Great pics! I've seen lots, taken by Rebecca's Aunt Katrina. It was a lovely wedding (I especially loved the rainbow of bridesmaids dresses!).