Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dickstello Wedding

Today, my cousin Erik is getting married. It is the third wedding I've been to this year. Ridiculously, I did not blog about the first two because I'm ultra lazy. So today, I shall write about the first one, and tomorrow the second [all hail the magic of auto-posting!]

May 29, 2010. Renfrew.

Anni was a happy, happy bride. Her goal for the reception was to keep a drink in each hand all night long, and not worry about whether or not she made it around to talk to every guest. If they wanted to talk to her, they could go to her. She wanted to have fun. And she did. Props to her :D

This wedding was an awesome one, because it was a family wedding, but my cousin is young, so there were lots of my friends there as well. It was a win-win wedding. For example, Jessica was there, who I haven't seen in forever because she's off living it up in Montreal or Toronto or something.

This terrible picture is of Mr. Groom, my cousin Jonathon. He rocks. Just not in this picture.

After the wedding [which was the long Catholic service, gag] the closer family members [about 30 people] were invited to my house for a BBQ. Classy! Most people changed out of their finery, but my hillbilly cousin Ryan didn't. I wish you could see, but he is wearing a tie with an AC/DC logo on the bottom.

Here's Momma and Darryl enjoying the BBQ fun. Like you couldn't tell.

Here's everybody's pseudo-Mexican friend. He was the first of two unexpected guests to the BBQ. This random guy was clearly unfazed by the family gathering occurring in the backyard, because he strolled on over and chatted forever, gave us several free energy efficient light bulbs, and wanted to install a friggin' low-flow shower head right then and there. We eventually took the shower head and told him to go away and we'd install it ourselves later, but we'd say he did it himself if his supervisor ever called. Ridiculous!

Visitor number two was this random cat, who strolled on over to be the centre of attention.

Back in our fancy clothes, we hit up the reception. Its a very large and difficult hall to decorate, but they did a great job. And there, in all her glory, was Natalie... friends since kindergarten, moved away in grade 8. Every time I get to see her is so random and wonderful. :)

During the evening, Ryan comes up to me and tells me he feels awkward but is sad that he wasn't introduced to Darryl. Since we've been together over a year, I just assumed they'd met. But here it is. Proof that it has now happened.

And here's my fabulous family. :)

And here's Darryl and Genevieve rocking out like there's no tomorrow.

In in celebration of his wedding today, here's my cousin Erik!

Finally, I leave you with a scene from Family Dancefest, May 2010. Tonight, we shall do it up even better.

Tomorrow, you'll get to see the June wedding! I know you'll want to come back and see it!

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