Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Wedding Ever

So last Saturday was my cousin Erik's wedding [to Jenna] in Pembroke. Its been a very long and busy week, so I'm behind.

When we arrived at the wedding, I was all excited for awesome picture taking. I took a few random shots while waiting for the show to start, and then bam. Dead camera battery. The damn thing can take over 1000 pictures... I really didn't plan for this. My extra battery was of course in the car, and the wedding was about to start. Also, when everyone stood up because the bride was coming, my decent vantage point was ruined. So no pictures from the wedding. Oh well.

There was time for picture taking in the hotel, where Darryl blended nicely with the sheets.

Shortly after checking in, the party bus arrived and everyone piled on! The dinner and reception were at my aunt's house out of town, so just like when she and Dave got married a few years ago, they rented a big old bus [two actually!] to pick up everyone at their hotels. Amazing planners, and then there was no drunk driving. Although one bus did apparently smash my uncle Jeff's car, which is ridiculous.

There was much time to spend with my rare cousin Sarah [she's always in some foreign country doing something cool].

There was much mingling, and even more drinking at the all night open bar.

I really like this picture! Its posed, but not TOO posed. You know? You're looking at Jordan's girlfriend Taryn, Darryl, me, Genevieve, her brother Jordan, third cousin Maureen, and my sister Alison!

Tommy and Marie were full of their usual awesomeness. Huzzah!

EDIT: Oh snap. Marie was the old one. This is Tommy's wife Tracy.

And for once in his life, Jonathon took a decent - if not slightly goofy - picture.

In the Facebook comments, Jonathon captioned this picture perfectly:

Have you ever seen two people think, "Oh God, what have I done?" at the exact same time? ahahaha


Here's a lovely bride photo. There weren't really an unobstructed opportunities of the couple at any time. Very annoying.

Auntie Frances did her mother of the groom speech, while Dave stood guard for some reason. Good job, Dave!

Here, Alison and I are joined by a random who kept making it into the background of our pictures. I invited him to the foreground and this is what he did with it.

Here's Momma, Laura and Ian... possibly the first and last time these three will ever be in such close proximity, due to the odd nature of the group. Huzzah!

This is me with Ian, whose hair continued to rise as the night went on.

And just for fun, here is me with Ian on the party bus to Frances' wedding two summers ago, for nostalgia purposes hehe.

The wedding went late into the night. The last party bus left at 1am, but we stayed until at least 3 or 4 and took a cab back. Then, from the hotel, we walked the half-block to McDonalds to get some food, and the drive thru wouldn't serve us for some stupid reason because we had no car. So we walked back to the hotel, called a cab, and took it to the drive thru, then back to the hotel. Yes, we cabbed half a block. And the reward of sausage and egg mcmuffins was totally worth it :D

Did I mention that the whole wedding was ridiculously incredible? Well it was :)

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