Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Wedding Ever

So last Saturday was my cousin Erik's wedding [to Jenna] in Pembroke. Its been a very long and busy week, so I'm behind.

When we arrived at the wedding, I was all excited for awesome picture taking. I took a few random shots while waiting for the show to start, and then bam. Dead camera battery. The damn thing can take over 1000 pictures... I really didn't plan for this. My extra battery was of course in the car, and the wedding was about to start. Also, when everyone stood up because the bride was coming, my decent vantage point was ruined. So no pictures from the wedding. Oh well.

There was time for picture taking in the hotel, where Darryl blended nicely with the sheets.

Shortly after checking in, the party bus arrived and everyone piled on! The dinner and reception were at my aunt's house out of town, so just like when she and Dave got married a few years ago, they rented a big old bus [two actually!] to pick up everyone at their hotels. Amazing planners, and then there was no drunk driving. Although one bus did apparently smash my uncle Jeff's car, which is ridiculous.

There was much time to spend with my rare cousin Sarah [she's always in some foreign country doing something cool].

There was much mingling, and even more drinking at the all night open bar.

I really like this picture! Its posed, but not TOO posed. You know? You're looking at Jordan's girlfriend Taryn, Darryl, me, Genevieve, her brother Jordan, third cousin Maureen, and my sister Alison!

Tommy and Marie were full of their usual awesomeness. Huzzah!

EDIT: Oh snap. Marie was the old one. This is Tommy's wife Tracy.

And for once in his life, Jonathon took a decent - if not slightly goofy - picture.

In the Facebook comments, Jonathon captioned this picture perfectly:

Have you ever seen two people think, "Oh God, what have I done?" at the exact same time? ahahaha


Here's a lovely bride photo. There weren't really an unobstructed opportunities of the couple at any time. Very annoying.

Auntie Frances did her mother of the groom speech, while Dave stood guard for some reason. Good job, Dave!

Here, Alison and I are joined by a random who kept making it into the background of our pictures. I invited him to the foreground and this is what he did with it.

Here's Momma, Laura and Ian... possibly the first and last time these three will ever be in such close proximity, due to the odd nature of the group. Huzzah!

This is me with Ian, whose hair continued to rise as the night went on.

And just for fun, here is me with Ian on the party bus to Frances' wedding two summers ago, for nostalgia purposes hehe.

The wedding went late into the night. The last party bus left at 1am, but we stayed until at least 3 or 4 and took a cab back. Then, from the hotel, we walked the half-block to McDonalds to get some food, and the drive thru wouldn't serve us for some stupid reason because we had no car. So we walked back to the hotel, called a cab, and took it to the drive thru, then back to the hotel. Yes, we cabbed half a block. And the reward of sausage and egg mcmuffins was totally worth it :D

Did I mention that the whole wedding was ridiculously incredible? Well it was :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Notock Wedding

Welcome to day 2 of the wedding series. Isn't this fun? Now we get to compare the weddings all at the same time!

June 12, 2010. Renfrew.

I grew up with Rebecca. We played soccer together. We went to Sunday school together. My mom babysat her cousins. My cousin worked with her aunt. We went to high school together. And a million other things.

When we met Chris, Rebecca was 18 and he was 23. It was completely scandalous. But he's a great guy.

And then there's these handsome men. Yes, we just jumped from the church, to mom's house after the wedding. that's how this blog rolls, folks.

And now we're at the reception. Please stay with us. This is here purely for the shot of the dress, since I'm sure the ladies out there would like to see that.

They danced. And a man got low on the floor and blew bubbles. It was adorable.

And this Rebecca was there!

So lets clarify. This is Rebecca F. The bride is Rebecca N, now technically T. There you go.

And Kristin. Nothing says classy wedding like imitations of Asian tourists.

And Traci made it from Oshawa, which was nice, since she never comes out. Lame!

And Chelsey was there, which was completely odd, since she had also been at the wedding we were at in May. Maybe we could become a professional wedding crashing team. Something to ponder.


And Greg! We've lived next door to each other for 8 months, but we have to go to an old friend's wedding to actually SEE each other. Ridiculous. But its his fault for not having Facebook. At least we got a lengthy chat in, which should tide us over for a few years.

And that's that. Hopefully I can post Erik and Jenna's wedding pictures a little faster. Depending on how quick I can sober up after like 8 hours of open bar...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dickstello Wedding

Today, my cousin Erik is getting married. It is the third wedding I've been to this year. Ridiculously, I did not blog about the first two because I'm ultra lazy. So today, I shall write about the first one, and tomorrow the second [all hail the magic of auto-posting!]

May 29, 2010. Renfrew.

Anni was a happy, happy bride. Her goal for the reception was to keep a drink in each hand all night long, and not worry about whether or not she made it around to talk to every guest. If they wanted to talk to her, they could go to her. She wanted to have fun. And she did. Props to her :D

This wedding was an awesome one, because it was a family wedding, but my cousin is young, so there were lots of my friends there as well. It was a win-win wedding. For example, Jessica was there, who I haven't seen in forever because she's off living it up in Montreal or Toronto or something.

This terrible picture is of Mr. Groom, my cousin Jonathon. He rocks. Just not in this picture.

After the wedding [which was the long Catholic service, gag] the closer family members [about 30 people] were invited to my house for a BBQ. Classy! Most people changed out of their finery, but my hillbilly cousin Ryan didn't. I wish you could see, but he is wearing a tie with an AC/DC logo on the bottom.

Here's Momma and Darryl enjoying the BBQ fun. Like you couldn't tell.

Here's everybody's pseudo-Mexican friend. He was the first of two unexpected guests to the BBQ. This random guy was clearly unfazed by the family gathering occurring in the backyard, because he strolled on over and chatted forever, gave us several free energy efficient light bulbs, and wanted to install a friggin' low-flow shower head right then and there. We eventually took the shower head and told him to go away and we'd install it ourselves later, but we'd say he did it himself if his supervisor ever called. Ridiculous!

Visitor number two was this random cat, who strolled on over to be the centre of attention.

Back in our fancy clothes, we hit up the reception. Its a very large and difficult hall to decorate, but they did a great job. And there, in all her glory, was Natalie... friends since kindergarten, moved away in grade 8. Every time I get to see her is so random and wonderful. :)

During the evening, Ryan comes up to me and tells me he feels awkward but is sad that he wasn't introduced to Darryl. Since we've been together over a year, I just assumed they'd met. But here it is. Proof that it has now happened.

And here's my fabulous family. :)

And here's Darryl and Genevieve rocking out like there's no tomorrow.

In in celebration of his wedding today, here's my cousin Erik!

Finally, I leave you with a scene from Family Dancefest, May 2010. Tonight, we shall do it up even better.

Tomorrow, you'll get to see the June wedding! I know you'll want to come back and see it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Roundup

I've been somewhat busy lately, and then lazy which results in not blogging. Here's a roundup of my last week!

Bluesfest has been in full swing since July 6, however there aren't a ton of acts which caught my eye [or ears]. On the 8th, Sebs and I [pictured!] went along with Darryl and Phil to see the B-52s, which was joyous. They opened with my favourite song of theirs, Wig. I was in love. And the weather cooled down just nicely, with the show being literally about an hour after the end of a 5 day insane heatwave, with humidex temperatures reaching 45°C at some points. It was brutal.

Here we see the elders of the B-52s rocking out, still sounding exactly how they always have. Huzzah!

The next night, Darryl and I joined Phil, and his friend Glen, and Glen's roommate Stan, to witness the hot mess that is Courtney Love, and Hole. It was Courtney's birthday, and she was [sadly] on her best behaviour. Ottawa isn't exciting enough for craziness to ensue.

Here is Phil, who owns these pictures, in front of the Courtney Love screen. There was rain that night, but it ended just in time for the music to start. Slowly drying off kept us cool. Also, Darryl had to leave partway through Hole's set because his brother's wife had a baby girl! Yay!

After hole, us boys wandered over to the main stage where Joan Jett and the Blackhearts rocked, then sucked for a long boring chick-rockin' time, then rocked again. Then we went to the bar!

On Monday, I had a doctor's appointment in Renfrew, since its easier to get in to see real doctors than in Ottawa. So on Sunday, I got a drive to Renfrew the very long way, through the Southern portion of the valley which I'm not so familiar with. Along the way, we stopped in Almonte for Celtfest where I saw my mom's cousin Anne, in some little place for a little swim, and eventually in Burnstown to heat pizza and muffins at the neat Café, and a stop at the beach.

Along the way, we also hit up this fantastic marble quarry in Tatlock, which I didn't know existed (see: both quarry and town).

And when we got to Renfrew, I showed off the swinging bridge, which I love.

On Wednesday, Kerri dropped by my work unexpectedly, which was awesome. I hadn't seen her since her birthday/going away party over a year ago, just before she moved to Winnipeg for her masters. She's in Ottawa for about a week more, so we are going to do lunch on Monday. Hooray!

Today at work, I was training our newbie co-op students [tons of free labour all summer? hell yes!] and I accidentally used a hanger to slice into my finger. You can't tell from this picture, but that whole little area beneath the nail is just hanging on by a thread. I'm sorry for the disgusting picture, but if I have to live it, you can look at it. Heh.

Tonight, Darryl and I are taking the midnight bus to Renfrew, because my cousin is getting married in Pembroke tomorrow, to a fantastic gal. It's gonna be an epic open bar outdoor shindig and I'm freaking excited. We'll be back Sunday night to see Weezer close out Bluesfest! So much to do! Have a good weekend, y'all!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Old Navy BBQ

On Sunday evening, a met up with 10 of my coworkers at our store after closing time. After waiting forever for Sarah to finish counting the cashes, we all piled into a couple cars and headed across the city to her new digs.

Once there, Malaz and I barbecued up a storm, and we all had a great time. Especially since there was a ridiculous amount of gossip flying around. Ahh, coworkers. Here's a small selection of pictures!

Here is the new girl Ana [who tells ridiculous tales about South America], Samantha [who got hired with me... we recently celebrated our first Old Navy Anniversary!] and Konrad [the newest of all the new... and quickly becoming despised by all. I don't know how he got invited to the BBQ].

Here I am with Stacey and Trisha. They rock. No one can ever tell them apart, which is ridiculous.

And here's a good group shot... I love my Old Navy crew! They're the reason I still work there.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 143rd Canada Day

July 1. Ottawa. One of my favourite days of the year! And this was the best ever!

This year, Darryl and I headed down to Sparks St. to meet the gang [they are Phil's gang, but I'm adopting them as my own].

This is Phil.

This is Steven.

This is his husband TJ.

And you all know Darryl!

So the gang got together [there is more gang than shown here] and we headed up to Parliament Hill, where they just happened to be setting up a barricade close to where Queen Elizabeth II would arrive. We got ourselves some standing room right at this too-good-to-be-true barricade.

While waiting, I spied some snipers on top of West Block.

I also spied this adorable wee girl behind us in the crowd. Look how cute she is!

So there were are, standing and staring at the exact location the Queen will arrive at, when the band shows up and stands right in front of us!

She arrived to much fanfare, and I glimpsed Her Majesty through the band and over some guy's head, as she inspected her guards.

CF-18s did a flyby. Lots of people remarked that it gave them shivers. I don't quite know why... its not like a war was suddenly breaking out.

And then, miraculously, the band gave up and went home, and THERE WAS THE QUEEN OF CANADA! It made my life.

Also making my life was a photograph with Philip. Good times!

Not to be outdone, the Snowbirds flew over, not once, but twice.

Such form.

Such grace.

Speaking of form and grace, we ran into Ian [who just moved here from Montreal, yay!] and Yanick, as we were headed off the hill.

We did a tour of the market, ate some delicious sandwiches at Major's Hill Park [courtesy of the Chicken Farmers of Canada], and then hit up Rideau St. to see the crowds.

Next, we headed to Kevin's apartment for drinks and bathrooms. Along the way, we came across Dave and his friend who commented about my loud all-red outfit just moments before Dave and I saw each other. I snapped this from all the way across the intersection. Sneaky!

Later, back near the hill and after a costume change, I ran into Colin who was enjoying his first Ottawa Canada Day. Yay!

Darryl and I watched the fireworks from behind the Parliament buildings, along the Ottawa River.

What a great spot to watch the show, and much less crowded than on the hill. There were even kayakers.

The night ended at the bar. It was a fantastic day.