Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pre-Tulip Festival

With Spring arriving so very early, the tulips in Ottawa were in bloom before planned.

This is an issue for the annual Tulip Festival.

With fears of the tulips being dead by the time the actual festival rolled around, Darryl and I hit up the flower beds way back on April 25.

I'm finally getting around to showing you now!

We did the whole tulip walk, starting at Dow's Lake, then walking all the way along the Rideau Canal to Lansdowne Park, then eventually Major's Hill Park.

Unfortunately, close to Dow's Lake, we encountered a motorcycle accident. The guy was eventually moving, but I'm pretty sure he hit a light standard.

The tulips were beautiful, as were some of the houses.

There was also much wildlife along our tour, including this very approachable goose.

I was shocked by this little island in the middle of the canal. Has this seriously always been here? I've been skating right by it for my whole life, and never noticed trees growing in the middle of the ice? Bizarre!

At Lansdowne, we saw the monument to the Olympic torch, which I didn't know existed. Cool!

Ina little pond off from the canal, in the Glebe area, there were all these huge ugly fish! What are they? Why are they so huge and ugly? And how did they get into this little pond?

At certain points, the canal doubled as some sort of disgusting lawn. That gunk supported large chunks of garbage. Eew.

Close to uOttawa, there was a squirrel!

And this fun picture happened!

It was a nice relaxing walk along the canal back downtown.

We stopped by the locks, which I'd somehow never looked at while empty.

More friendly animals surrounded us.

Apparently I'm non-threatening.

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