Monday, April 5, 2010

The Olympics: Day 3.2

February 14, 2010. Ladies' 3000m Speed Skating.

The competition began! It was exciting! And I loved listening to the guy saying RRRRRRRRRRREEEEADYYYYYY? every time a pair was set to begin. Great voice!

Cindy Klassen was the first Canadian up. Love!

The crowds were so loud. Louder than at the Opening Ceremony. Louder than at the luge. By the end of it, I lost my voice. It was wild!

And I had a perfect view of the finish line. Go Cindy!

Clara Hughes came out to get ready for her race.

After her run, Martina Shablikova of Czech Republic waved to the crowd with her coach. She would go on to win!




Kristina Groves was in pair 13 of 14. Such good chances to land Canada on the podium!

Her race put her in 3rd place with just 2 skaters left! Unfortunately, those skaters were giving it everything they had, and were well ahead of her time. Then less far ahead. Then just barely ahead.

And with the very last seconds, those skaters lost it, and Kristina Groves won the bronze medal! The place went nuts!

Martina was pretty damn happy!

Kristina received her flowers.

Martina was a jumper.

Along with Stephanie Beckertt of Germany, the winners waved to the best crowd I've ever been in, with their flowers in hand.

To get back downtown, everyone had to walk about 20 minutes along the water, which was beautiful. Along the way, Ocean Spray handed everyone packets of Craisins, and bottles of cranberry juice. Richmond is of course the world's largest cranberry producer! Eventually we all got to the SkyTrain station, and stood in line for a good 30-40 minutes to then pack onto trains and get downtown.

I headed straight to BC Place for the Victory Ceremony! :)

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