Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Olympics: Day 2.2

February 13, 2010. Men's Singles Luge, Runs 1 and 2 (of 4).

Go Germany! Holy fast! Even though the men's start was moved down to the womens' start (in order to slow them down a bit) they were still reaching speeds up to 150km/h. The basic system for taking pictures was listen for them to approach your location (the sleds were roaring), then put the camera close to your face but not quite, so you could actually see the action and know where the lugers were. It worked.

Such a blurry crowd!

Canadian Samuel Edney!

And Canadian Jeff Christie! You can have a blurry crowd or a blurry luger, but you're not getting both!

You could go anywhere on the track, so I walked up toward the finish line for a while to grab some good shots of the lugers.

The sleds were going so fast that they climbed up a long steep ramp between the finish line and the exit platform. It was crazy. The real competition looks so much faster than on TV. This is Latvian Inars Kivlenieks (18th)

Some Latvian fans beside me called him over, and he was happy to pose for pictures :D

After run 1, everyone had to push a big black button once they stepped off the track. After run 2, their sleds were all tested for something. Keeping everything legal I guess!

Ian Cockerline of Canada! (20th)

Jeff Christie again! (14th)

And Samuel Edney! He was so fast, he came up the ramp and stopped right near me. No one else I saw came that far! He was 7th overall. I was so close, I could have touched him. I should have gone for a high five. But I was too busy ringing my cowbell!

Check this out... it was taken literally half a second before

this picture. So fast.

Luge was fantastic. Sadly, there was no winner crowned until Runs 3 and 4 the next day. Everyone was drenched on the long bus back to Vancouver. And they put me on the wrong bus, so I ended up in a strange location late at night, not at the Seabus stop like I should have. But I eventually made it to the celebrations downtown... the city going nuts after Jennifer Heil's silver medal in moguls. O Canada in full force.

And after I got back to Ottawa, I checked my recording... That's me on the right, cheering my face off for Samuel Edney. You can hear me. I was on TV! :D

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