Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Biggest Thanks Imagineable

When I was 9, my mom sat me down and told me that 7 years before I was born (and two years after my sister was born) my parents had a daughter named Carolyn. Unfortunately, she passed away two months later, never leaving the hospital, due to being premature and with heart complications.

At the time, I found the news to be sad, but it didn't really affect me too much. Since then, its never been discussed much.

Today, my mom suggested that we go visit my uncle and grandma's graves, which I thought was a nice idea. After we were done there, we did a few other things around town, and then we decided to go to the other cemetery and look for Carolyn's grave. I thought that was a nice guesture, and it had been so long and the cemetery had expanded so much that mom didn't really know where it was anymore.

We ended up finding it in a nice shady corner. At first, I thought it was nice, and I was happy for my mom that we found it. But then I began to think about the fact that if Carolyn had lived, I probably wouldn't have. So its been a bit of a tough afternoon to me, and I have to thank my little sister, who would have turned 29 today, for my own life.

Its been a very interesting day.

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dt4ever said...

This post made me cry...

...and I am very happy that you are here - with me. I love you!