Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Mine

Oh. Hi. *awkward*

What's that you say? I haven't been posting? Wrong! Those posts were written in invisible ink. You should have known better. Where have you been? I've been blogging like a machine, and you just haven't been here to respond. I've been sad.

Ok so honestly, this whole part time school and part time job, consistently random schedule thing has been a real drag, and I've been really really unmotivated in all aspects of life. I've even been too lazy to blog. But I'm hopefully back! And I know you were totally promised a crap load of Olympics pictures, and I don't want to disappoint, so you'll get them in the coming week :) ... I actually put all of my efforts after the Olympics into [1] watching the Olympics [2] editing the good pictures [hundreds] of the 2,500 that I took on my trip and [3] compiling it all into a fabulous 300 page photo book which should arrive in the mail as early as tomorrow!

This past weekend, Darryl and I rented a car [my first!] and I drove us to Sudbury, and his hometown Azilda which is on the outskirts. It was my longest drive ever, and the farthest West I've ever driven [although I've been on cross-country trips as a passenger, of course]. I got 3 hours of sleep, then we were up early, and drove all day. We picked up the car downtown, stopped in Kanata for breakfast at the Wal*Mart McDonalds, stopped in Renfrew at Tim Hortons, stopped in Pembroke to surprise my mom at work, stopped in Deep River for Subway lunch, stopped in North Bay for gas, and finally about 9 months later, we got to Darryl's house. After a very quick tour and a hello to his mom, I went for a nap. We ate supper and played board games that night, and it was fun!

The next day, Darryl and I went to Dynamic Earth, to go down in a mine. I'd done this in 1999, but its fun. Except for the annoying children, which were in full force since it was March Break. But there were hard hats!

This trip to the mine was more enjoyable, because I was actually old enough to remember it [yes, I've remembered it fondly these past 6 days]. I frequently stayed at the back of the group, or broke away from them, so they wouldn't be in my shots.

Pictures of lights are important. Even if real mines don't actually have lights in them. Shh.

Anyone who hates mesh and rock and incandescent lights should never read my blog ever again. Something I've noted from this trip is that the rails for carts to move around the mine are now almost all covered up with gravel, although they were exposed in the pictures from my previous trip. Odd.

Here I am under the more modern buttresses, made of strong BC lumber, instead of whatever old garbage they could find lying around, during less modern times. I paid attention, dammit!

Here I am beside our snazzy Chrysler Sebring which drove pretty well, although it wasn't as peppy on the uphill as I'd have liked. Darryl managed to get the car and me and the Big Nickel AND the superstack into this picture, which is fantastic. Well done!

Sudbury is a desolate wasteland. Okay, its not. But its no Renfrew!

Next, we went to Science North, which I recall being more awesome as a kid. There used to be a 3D movie. Although this time, there was a butterfly room, which was awesome and a took some pretty pictures! It was so weird... I liked butterflies, and I wanted them to come land on me, but when they'd come close I'd freak out. Oh well!

This picture of the Big Nickel is out of order. It should have been the first picture, but I'm just easing myself back into blogging, so I'm not taking the time to fix it, even though it would have been insanely easy to do so. Since my last visit, the Nickel moved to Science North, then it was refurbished, and then returned to Dynamic Earth and put on a new pedestal. Its nice. It makes my pictures of the same thing different. And I much prefer the updates.

Back at Science North, we went outside into some garden, but being mid-March, everything was dead. So I took this nice dead flower picture, and we went back in. It was chilly.

Ah, the bed of nails. 11 years later, do you think it remembered me? Last time I was there, the "pillow" was made out of K'NEX, so this was freaking luxury!

Afterwards, we drove out of town to some scenic 'waterfall' area, where I took this nice picture of Darryl and birch trees.

And for the first time ever, I got to do that cool long exposure thing that makes water look fake! I love my new camera! :D

It was pretty nice, but there were some other people there doing suspicious things. And it was cold.

We did the family photo thing before we left on Sunday evening. Even with stopped for gas and coffee, and Darryl getting us lost after North Bay, and about 25 minutes of very thick fog, we made it home in like 5.5 hours, which is actually fucking ridiculous. There's no speed limit in the north, right?


Elyse said...

you finally blogged!!! thanks for the entertainment! :)

Deb said...

I have SO been waiting for this!!
Now to read at leisure...ahhhhh (contented sigh).
Really thought you were never coming back. Glad to read you again.