Friday, January 1, 2010

The Spontaneous New Year

Darryl and I had no plans for New Year's Eve, other than potentially going to find some fireworks [which I don't believe happened, so its good that we didn't try]. I spent the afternoon doing some errands, and getting my hair absolutely butchered by some chick who charged me way too much for a good haircut, let alone a hack job. Darryl later fixed my hair to an acceptable state.

My friends Phil and Seb invited us to dinner at The Keg. I had only ever eaten there once before, when I was like 6 years old in Calgary. We went and had drinks and very delicious food [I had sirloin steak and tiger shrimp with a baked potato], and lots of laughter [especially at the expense of the flaming waiter at the next table].

We had planned to go home after dinner, but they persuaded us to go to their house to drink insted. *cue large amounts of free booze, while watching documentary-type shows about earth's coastlines*

After that, Darryl and I were still planning to go to see the fireworks, but the guys persuaded us [not that it was hard, since we were having fun] to go to their friend's party instead. Which we did. And it was decent. There were some people I sort of knew, and some people who recognized me from Old Navy, and a really old lady. There was also champagne, which we all know is disgusting. I drank as much as I could as fast as I could, and Seb poured the rest down the sink for me LOL

Unfortunately, they turned it to the Toronto countdown. I'm a strong supporter of the ball drop in Times Square, so I was disappointed. I'll YouTube it to relive that missed magic. Phil planned on staying until the wee hours of the morning, but the rest of us wanted to leave, and we did. It was a great New Year's Eve! I hope you all had equally great ones.

And now, the last pictures of 2009. Thanks for reading!

Seb [aka Jean-S├ębastien]

Phil [aka Philip]

And Darryl and I!

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Kat Rocket said...

Seb's hat looks like the awesomest mullet ever.

happy new year Michael and Darryl!