Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Faulty Wiring Saga

We live in a good apartment. It is spacious and has just enough storage [we better not get anything else though!] It is in a good spot, close to all the buses, and there are honestly 6 commercial centres within 20 minutes of us, so we're never at a loss for places to go nearby.

But our electrical wiring sucks.

A few months ago, I discovered that the outlet where the microwave had been plugged in had melted. The building replaced the outlet promptly, and it has been fine ever since.

In the past few weeks, the dining room light has been doing a whole lot of flickering. There are multiple bulbs, so its not like the light was dying or something. [This has since stopped, randomly].

But on Saturday, I came home to find this:

Our thermostat had clearly caught fire, while we were out. You can tell on top that the plastic melted a bit.

Maintenance Guy came to check it out, and deemed it to require an electrician to fix it. He left it hanging open, all charred and exposed.

Later that day, we came home and someone had apparently come in and removed the old thermostat, and capped off the wires, leaving behind a mess on our floor.

Yesterday, I was laying in bed when I heard the knocking on the door. Being lazy and not wanting to get out of bed, I just let them knock until they decided that no one was home. The maintenance guy and electrician came in for an undetermined amount of time, and fixed the issue. I chose not to look at the clock, so I didn't lay there counting the seconds they were in the apartment. [I should note that I had nothing better to do]. By the time I heard sawing [which I was not a fan of, because I knew what it meant], I apparently fell back asleep. The cat woke me up when they left [nice of her].

Now, we have a stupid access panel thing below the new thermostat. Random things like this are the bane of my existence. I hate them. I'm such a crazy person that I already disliked the fact that there was a thermostat on the wall, and now it has a friend! Our apartment also has a defunct cable outlet as well as some random covered box low on the wall near my desk, and an intercom near the door from days gone by.

Of course, the stubborn burn marks are still on the wall, and they left an even bigger mess for me to vacuum up. Thanks.

Hopefully, the wiring problems are over, and we'll never die in this building. And hopefully the randomness fairy will come and remove all our weird wall items that I'd like to see disappear!


kathryn said...

crazy.. maybe you should look into home insurance if your apartment starts small fires randomly..

dt4ever said...

we have home insurance, thankfully. it was actually a requirement to rent this place -- now I know why!

Elyse said...

my place still has old fuses you know those glass kind from like the 70s maybe earlier than that. also tenant insurance was mandatory for my place mayhaps because that's osgoode's policy or something... or maybe all of their buildings have faulty wiring. try mr clean magic eraser for those marks on the wall. hopefully your place doesn't burn down... :)

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem before when some of our switches consecutively shot out sparks and smelled like burning plastic. I thought quickly and turned off the main switch to prevent incinerations and to save our house. I called in electricians right away to check what caused the sparks. It turned out that we had a pretty old wiring system coupled with some wires halfheartedly repaired. They repaired them within 3 days, and I am very thankful because we never encountered such problems again.

Margert Woodcock