Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 418 Pages

I had a fantastic day today.

I slept late, which is both good and bad. For breakfast, I decided to find out what an actual serving of Raisin Bran is supposed to look like. Naturally, one cup of cereal does not seem appealing to me, so I topped it off to the halfway point between the Kellogg's recommended serving and the Michael recommended serving. Its all about smaller portions, right?

While deciding what to do for the afternoon, Nathan texted me and said I had to meet him at Subway at 3. I don't put up a fight in these situations, because Nathan rocks. So I met him at Subway at 3... the one by campus that is always packed, no matter what time it is. Awkwardly, the lineup was Nathan, me, a guy Nathan knew, and another guy Nathan knew. We all knew him, but none of the rest of us knew each other. This made for a terrible 3 conversations at once scenario. And the line moved slowly. Thankfully, we didn't eat there, near the others.

So Nathan got his sub [I did not] and we headed across the street for some Starbucks [I got the TAZO Giant Peach juice tea drink thing, which I freaking love]. We took our fine products to the school cafeteria, which I haven't been to in at least a year. The only table we could find was a round 8-seater, which lead to awkward seating. Its too difficult to sit across from each other at a massive table, and no one wants to sit right beside each other at an 8 person table. We had a great chat about our lives since Thursday [when we last saw each other] and I weighed in on the saga that is his burgeoning relationship [I'm basically his advisor, and he knows that I have an uncanny ability to asses each situation perfectly. Its a gift.] Today, I gave him the news that he is without a doubt in a full-fledged relationship. I believe his exact response was "OH NO!"

Next, we took social time to the back of the classroom, where we listened to Captain Treehugger drone on about crap we've been learning in every class we've taken for 4 years. This class serves as the perfect location for our comedy routine. If only we could share the laughter with the others. But we let them spend the class talking to their own friends. I promise you, no one pays attention in this class. Until of course, one of our dumber fellow classmates becomes sceptical of the existence of climate [cli-mate n. 1. The meteorological conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and wind, that characteristically prevail in a particular region.] Better yet, was the girl who asked why the prof had assigned a 418 page reading to us. She was concerned that she wouldn't have time to read the whole thing and actually take away all the knowledge it contained. Naturally, being a moron, she didn't understand that one chapter in a 418 page book has been assigned. I guess the term "Chapter 1" means "entire book" now. Good to know.

So, after the fit of laughter died from that question, it was time to leave. I went to the Rideau Centre where I met Kathryn. We instantly realized that it had been about 6 months since our last encounter... this was discovered when I remembered she bought a flat of raspberries in the Byward Market, which definitely put that get-together in the summer. We went to Subway [hey!] where the lineup was Kathryn, me, guy Kathryn knows [hey!]. I had actually met this guy once before when we had dinner and drinks at the former [and still under renovation] Elephant & Castle. I didn't speak to him this time.

I got my 'sub' on the new flatbread, which I guess makes it not a sub anymore. It was freaking delicious. We had a nice long catchup chat, then headed to school and found a nice quiet [but not TOO quiet] spot in the law building where she could give me some camera lessons. She taught me some wonderful things that helped me make sense of the new DSLR that Darryl bought for me [because he's amazing]. I've never used one before, but wanted it for the best-possible quality pictures at the Olympics. Even though she has a Nikon and I have a Canon, we were able to figure out how all her functions related to mine, and she was really helpful! Which means you should totally check out her website HERE because she's awesome! Eventually, her boyfriend Dave came and hung out for a bit, then they brought me home. It was a great day!


dt4ever said...

YAY for name-dropping!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have been measuring my food lately in an attempt at portion control and it's just depressing. And I'm hungry.