Monday, January 4, 2010

The 2009 Awesomeness Rankings

Often, when people do something awesome, I say things like "you get 10 points for your awesomeness". So, in 2009 I tracked every time people did awesome things. I seriously recorded EVERY point awarding, without fail. Of course, the point system is completely arbitrary, as it is based on the number spewed from my mouth. If someone donated a million dollars to chartiy, I could have given then 10 points, while 50 points could be awarded to someone for giving me a really good high five. See how random this all is? Also, some points were awarded in secrecy, while other people found out about their points. Of course, the people closest to me had the chance for more points. I will keep giving points, but wont be tracking them in the future. One year was good enough. So here is the list of awesome people... If their name is clickable, click it to see them in their awesomeness.

415 - Darryl (living with him and dating him may have given him the advantage)

160 - Dave (classmate)

125 - Colin (friend)

100 - Ryan (Twitter friend)

75 - JennyMac (blogger), Davin (friend)

- Alison (sister)

60 - Justin (blogger, Twitter friend, photographer extraordinaire), Rob (friend from afar)

50 - Morgan (coworker)

40 - Michel (frenchie), Kathryn (classmate), James (blogger, american)

25 - Me (sometimes people gave me points!), Lindsay (home friend), Roy (friend), Erinn (twitter friend, awesome photographer, male)

20 - Theo (coworker's ex-boyfriend), Adam (montreal-american), Todd (ottawa-renfrew connection), Elyse (friend since kindergarten), Erin (occasional friend)

15 - Veronica (winner of the lil miss twitter 2009 contest)

10 - Michelle (home friend), Kyle (home person that i know)

5 - Ryan (guy from school), Louisa (prof who redeemed herself), Lesley (Lindsay's sister)

Of course, there are people who probably should have been awarded points but didn't. If you're reading this, give yourself 10 or 20 points for 2010, and think about what you could have done to be more awesome. Just kidding! Just think of ways you can be awesome this year. Like by sending me money.


David said...

Holy shit! I won!

Well, I won the consolation final, at least. I knew I wouldn't beat Darryl. :p

(Oh, and the captcha for this comment? "chumsmst," which I translate as "chums most." A sign, certainly, of something)

i am playing outside said...

HAHA congrats Dave! ... and yes, i guess we are chums... most of the time HAHA

stacy said...

alright - i'm going to make it a goal of 2010 to get me some points!

happy new year - all the best.

JVL said...

Ah Fuck you Darryl! I'm sure there are things I could do to get 100+ points but... well... I'm not gay (and y'know, respect your relationship).

*tear* thanks for the awesomeness points, I knew I had them somewhere but didn't know who was keeping track.

dt4ever said...

Bah! I'm the epitome of awesomeness. Y'all never had a chance!

Elyse said...

yay 20 points for me. i'll have to increase my awesomeness for 2010 I suppose