Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wait Is Over

This picture clearly suggests that to purchase your Olympic tickets, you just walk up to a cute little booth, pay Mukmuk, and walk home with your wonderful purchase.

Oh no.

In October 2008, you apply for tickets. You apply on the first day of a 5 week period. You wait and wait. In December you find out that you got some of the tickets you wanted, and your VISA is charged, and you pay it off, and you rejoice. Then you wait.

In June 2009, you try to buy more tickets when Round 2 begins, and you miss out. In November 2009, you try to buy that oh so coveted ticket to the Opening Ceremony, and the sale is postponed by a week, so you wait. Then, by some miracle, you DO buy that ticket a week later. Then you wait.

On December 23, you get an email that your tickets will arrive on the 30th. You sit at home all day not getting your hair cut, or going to pick up your paycheck. Then, at the end of the day, when you still don't have your tickets, you call and say "what the hell, dude?" to a woman named Flo. She says they were put on the wrong truck, and that her company if full of morons [she may not have said that part]. But she is helpful, and says you can go pick them up. So you run to the bus and take it to the end of the line at Hawthorne. You've got about 15 minutes to get yourself to Purolator, pick up the package, and get back to the bus, or you'll be waiting a long time for the next one, in the cold, with no bus shelter. Much running ensues. Its cold. But you get the envelope. Then you run back, and just make it. OC Transpo travel planner suggests that this would have taken about 35 minutes. Well we did it in 15, so take that.

Even though there was almost 15 months of waiting, this story ends very, very happily.

Since my ticket to the Opening Ceremony was purchased a year later, it will be shipped at a later date. Hopefully I wont have to go through all this again. But I will if needed, because it is oh so very worth it. I've been waiting 7 years for the Olympics to start. I only have to wait 43 more. [and in two months, you'll get to stop hearing me talk about them].


JVL said...

Glad you know the name of the furries.

James said...

Nice! It's a once in a life time event and I hope you have a blast. I also hope (slightly) that Canada takes home some gold medals.

But the Paralympics belongs to the Red, White and Blue, baby. ;)

Kat Rocket said...

OMG it's on!!! Is that a hockey ticket I see there? For which game?

i am playing outside said...

Kat, its not that exciting... Women's hockey, Russia vs Finland

the things im really excited to see are the other tickets... who ever sees luge or speed skating? and who gets to go to the opening ceremony, or a medal ceremony? not that many people!

also, i dont know if i can use the hockey ticket or not... bit of a full day that day, so maybe an hour of it...

Cobie said...

Hmmm I see what you mean. Women's hockey is awesome if you can watch Canada or the U.S. play! The other women's teams are not on the same playing level.

But those other events sound like big big fun! I'm really excited for you!

i am playing outside said...

Cobie, the thing about the tickets is that you buy them so far in advance, that the teams aren't chosen yet. So I could have easily been seeing team Canada play, but it wasn't meant to be.

Also, when I bought the tickets, I was only going to two events that day. (speed skating and hockey) ... later, I was able to purchase the medal ceremony ticket for that night, which coincides with half the hockey game. The medal ceremony is more important to me, because its for the winners of the speed skating I'm seeing earlier that day, and Canada always has a good shot at those medals! It's the second day, so it COULD be the chance to see the first Canadian gold ever on Canadian soil!