Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Piles

I apologize for talking about my job all the time, but well, its all I do now, so its all I've got to write about.

As you all know, Old Navy is an immaculately organized Zen escape. Unfortunately, the location I work at has fallen from grace, with one or two items out of place, as noted in the example of the girls section here:

Disgustingly, the entire store became a hazardous wasteland, and I wasn't having any of it. I confronted the manager and told him it was time for change, and that meant overnight cleaning shifts. He agreed, got the district manager's approval [she's been visiting weekly and has obviously not been impressed]. We came up with a small team that would be good at helping to turn the store around, and we pounded out some top notch work over the course of 3 nights. It was fun. There was good music. There was a lot of laughter. There were no customers.

The first night, we worked as a group in two sections of womens... I spent 5 of my 9 hours creating a clearance zone and organizing it by size and colour, which is the unrealistic expectation. It was gorgeous.

Night two, everyone took their own section so we could finish with the womens clothing. I tackled the slippers, pyjamas, tank tops and various odds and ends of the Lounge section, and it was gorgeous.

Night three, we were only a group of three, as two people called in sick. We didn't get as much done as planned, but we got some of the mens stuff cleaned.

First, I organized this selection of t-shirts, adding some body forms to show people what they're looking at, so they didn't have to rip everything apart anymore.

The rest of the night saw me tackling this wall of khakis. I'm the so-called Denim King [and yes, there's a Jean Queen] so I easily parlayed my jean folding skills to khaki folding.

Apparently, elves came in and cleaned up the kids and baby section, and by the time I showed up to work today, I was absolutely stunned by how in one week, we turned the store from absolute disgrace, to probably 80% organized.

Also today, the district manager came for her weekly visit [I'd never met her before] AND she brought along the regional manager. Apparently she had briefed the regional manager on the way to the store, that its likely to be a huge mess. But her jaw literally dropped when she walked in and saw our progress. Progress that I initiated. And she thanked me.


dt4ever said...

Maybe one day you will be the district manager or something...
You did a good job there, babe!

katrocket said...

Wow - that IS a remarkable change. You ROCK, Michael!

Your organizational skills are now desperately needed at the Toronto Eaton Centre location! I was there last night, and it looked like one of those crazy hoarders' homes you see on Oprah. And I didn't buy a single item (HIGHLY unusual for me!) for that reason. Customers are such pigs, eh?

I'll bet your initiative increased the sales for your store. You deserve a big fat bonus!