Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2007 pt. 2/2

Can you believe I've been doing Flashback posts every single Sunday since May? That's a bit ridiculous, and I commend anyone who has read them all for their awesomeness. And look how well I made it last... right until the last Sunday of the year. This is it folks. The last official trip into my past [although I'm sure it will come up for some reason or another in future posts, but not with such magnitude!] ... With this post, a person could technically read my blog from the beginning and have a complete crash course on the life and times of Michael Roesler. And why wouldn't they want to?

Kicking off in early June at the joint Stphanie-Rebecca birthday party. Here's Jenny!

And Bill, with Kristin, me and Jacey in the background. The girls were doing some 80s theme or something. I do not dress up.

Here's me early on in my job as a maintenance man at Best Western. One of my first blog posts ever was about the hatred of that awful place. I lasted 2 months. It was one of my most memorable job walkouts. [I really need to stop doing that! Or stop working at such shitty places!]

I got to escape the city one day in the summer, and went with Andrew to the RCMP trailer park [because his dad was a Mountie... and a douchebag!]. It was relaxing.

Also that month, Sean and I had dinner at the Boston Pizza in Kanata.

With Heather.

And then we all went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at Scotiabank place, and the concert was absolutely stellar. Despite the terrible pictures. Why do people even try to take concert pics?

The next amazing concert of the summer was The White Stripes at Bluesfets, with Mando and Rebecca [and Elyse and Andrew].

The morning of aunt Frances and uncle Dave's wedding party [they got married sur-pri-vately [get it!?] Alison, Andrew and I made lame attempts at being superheros for some reason.

There was a bus from the hotel to France's house, so everyone could get properly loaded at the open bar which we drank dry. We then drank the liquor cabinet dry. Awesome. I bonded with my distant cousin Ian, and it was the first time in my life that I found him to not be a pompous loser. I guess he's all growed up.

These dapper young gentlemen are my cousins Erik and Tommy.

Here's the happy couple, being happy and coupled.

Family photo! Momma, Tommy, Jonathon, Marie, Me, Alison and Andrew.

Here's Lennie, Creeper, and Laura.

In early August, a great weekend was spent at Laura and Lennie's cottage. "Cousin" Natalie was there for the fun!

We went on a little boat ride.

The folks with their kids, Genevieve and Jordan. If you ever want an amazing time, just go to their cottage. They are the hosts of the century.

We went on another boat ride.

And as a special thank you for reading all of these Flashbacks over the past 8 months, as well as the rest of my posts, you get this rare photo of me in girl pants, after I spilled something on mine.


Stephanie said...

I'll play outside with you! I love retrospectives. And of course now is the perfect time of year to do a mega-retrospective.

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dt4ever said...

nice pants there (coupled with the crocs)! :P Love you babe!

Whiskeymarie said...

Those pants are awesome. I once had a boyfriend put on a pair of velour J-Lo booty pants I had- I don't think I've laughed that hard since.

Good times...

i am playing outside said...

velour pants? i put on an entire velour outfit at work last week! it was my christmas gift to the female coworkers. the pants were so freaking comfy :D