Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2007 pt. 1/2

We're in the home stretch folks! Welcome to almost-three years ago!

I started off the year with a great lunch visit from Matt, who was in my class at the French thing I did in Quebec City in 2004. He is from Newfoundland, and his girlfriend Jessica is from Florida. They met at the same time as I met them, in 2004, and they kept the long distance thing going from 2004 until this lunch in 2007. In fact, as far as I know, they're still together, and she's now in BC [so opposite ends of one country, rather than different ones haha].

One horrible night, I was dragged to make my karaoke debut. The other guy here is my future [at that time] messy roommate, Tim.

Erin was also there for the sing along, and made this stunning face.

For the second time in my life, I was photographed drinking straight from the Crown Royal bottle, while someone looked on in fear.

I rallied [you just KNOW it was totally successfully] against rising tuition, at Parliament Hill.

Every successful rally day ends with a geography pub night, on a blisteringly cold and snowstormy night, at a bar located fairly far from the bus stop. Sierra can be blamed for the location choice.

But who could think about not attending in a snowstorm, when there's an Annalise lime smile included in the deal?

I try to refrain from talking about my brief daliance with fraternity life, since I've very much moved on, but here are some pictures from Krista's sorority formal, which was kind of swanky and totally fun. The swanky part began right after I finished getting changed into my suit in a hotel room jam-packed with already-dressed people. HAH

Mike and Virginia, the ridiculously happy couple, were there.

Heather, the ridiculously broken sweetheart, was there.

Some other night at Zak's Diner, a very drunken Val was so hungry that she couldn't wait for her own meal to arrive in like 5 minutes, so she ate off some Australian tourist's plate from the next booth over. Love the Aussies!

I barely know Meggan and Jay, but I love this picture for some reason.

There was much fun to be had on a random night back home, at Tim Horton's where I belonged.

My first trip on the O-Train [after 1.5 years of living in Ottawa!] was with a guy named Branden. We shared a birthday, he made me try sushi, we bought gummi bears. We had a blast. He was wonderful. He was also moving away two weeks after I met him.

I had a sweet photo wall in my bedroom that year. And some girl named Tia. She was part of a gathering we hosted.

So was Curtis. This is the guy who I worked with for the first 4 days I worked at Patty Boland's, after not seeing him since the night this picture was taken in 2007.

And in June, I was back to Renfrew again to participate in the Relay for Life with the girls. That's the year I drank amaretto with Mrs. Brumm [one of the elementary school teachers] and there was a Tornado warning but I kept walking in the pouring rain while most people were inside.

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