Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 6/6

For Christmas, I brought Krista back home to Renfrew since she wasn't going to Newfoundland to be with her own family. The poor thing. MegH came over and we partied it up before heading out to the bar. Would anyone like to take a guess at how many of the people in this picture I still talk to?

I chose the popped collar douche look for that night, because making fun of douches is fun. For this picture, Momma told me to put my drink down. I said I'd be fine holding it behind me back. Does anyone want to guess the number of presents under the tree that got coated in whiskey during this process?

Elyse and Lindsay greeted us at Finnigan's.

After sufficient rocking out Christmas style, it was time for the traditional Christmas sub.

Dane, Paula and Susan seemed so impressed.

Christmas Eve with dad's extended family was its regular interesting self. I was clearly enthralled with Alison and my unseen cousin Cheryl's cell phone enjoyment.

Who doesn't love their sibling at Christmas?

Back in Ottawa, we had a wee little New Year's party at the apartment. Here's Tia, Christina and Krista.

I enjoyed some disgusting "champagne".

Wait... no I didn't.

And Vlad was the last one awake the next day... even after Tia and I had both crawled over him to get out of the bed we all shared. What classier way to welcome 2007?

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