Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 5/6

In November 2006, some of the girls I'm friends with [from home] did a weekend get together in North Bay. Many Facebook photo albums ensued. Obviously, this meant that Mando and I had to outdo them. On December 6, we had the most jam-packed, best day ever! Here is that day.

We shopped at Value Village [and IKEA] and then got gas.

We grabbed some Subway and ate it at Mando's place.

The parking lot outside set the scene for the pure awesomeness of me finding this homemade shelf which we picked up for me and I've used ever since!

We then drove to Renfrew and did a full town driving tour. We saw the Renfrew Bakery, which is no more.

We saw my old job at TeleTech, which is no more.

We saw the tiny little restaurant with the outdoor bathrooms called Esther's Place, which is no more.

We saw our high school, which is still there. But ugly now that they added blue siding crap around the new, smaller windows. Poor RCI.

Next, we swung by Momma's place to surprise her. She had photos for me to look at. I was silly and wore oven mitts and her hat. Because hello, we needed an awesome album of photos for Facebook!

Momma was baking cranberry cookies for Christmas!

And I even got to help her decorate the tree!

Then, we got Momma into the car and went to surprise Mando's Momma.

We took the Mommas out for supper at Finnigan's. Although I'm sure they probably paid.

After taking the Mommas home, we swung by Rocky Mountain House to see Alison at work.

Next, we were off to Cobden to visit the animals at Logo's Land.

And to stand under

The gigantic Christmas tree, which is the tallest in Canada or the world or something.

Then, we drove home, stopping in Arnprior for a town tour, then we went to Parliament Hill to check out the Christmas lights in the rain, before finally heading home.

What a good day.

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