Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas 2009 Pictures

Yes, Christmas was a week ago, but I've been busy, what with all the eating and unwrapping and working and trying to sleep.

Dad came to Ottawa on the 23rd to take Darryl and I to Renfrew. That evening, we went to the Crown and Kilt with Jenny and Lindsay.

We stuck Darryl in the corner, beside Jacey.

Rebecca, Stephanie and I rounded out the group. Our side of the table was more fun.

After drinks, some of us went to Wal*Mart since it was open late. Hooray for holiday hours. We STILL find novelty in the Wal*Mart grocery section, so we chose it as a suitable photo location. Thank you, camera timer.

Christmas Eve was dinner at dad's house, with his extended family. It was the first time they'd ever met Darryl, and pretty much the first time there was ever any discussion of me being gay, with that side of the family. It went really well. There were also NO gifts of any kind, and that was kind of nice. Just dinner and family and home time. My loser aunt Christine who is holier-than-thou stayed in the kitchen as to not contract homosexuality from us, and then she left, taking her ugly Christmas sweater and her jheri curl with her. Cue the rejoicing. I didn't even say hi to her. It was a great Christmas Eve.

We started Christmas morning at 8am, which was a reasonable time. There was hot chocolate and Bailey's. Mmm. Alison got this lovely shirt, which fits nicely over a hoodie.

I got Darryl a green Team Canada sweater to match my red one.

It was our first Christmas, yo!

I got Momma this lovely cashmere sweater. She seems to like it. I hope she doesn't wear it out.

Alison was enticed and overcome by the awesome power of Christmas. And the sparkly box from Old Navy.

I got her a cashmere hoodie. Really cashed in on my Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic discount this Christmas!

Staying Olympic, I got Darryl a little Mukmuk. He got me a Mukmuk blanket. He's like the cute younger brother of Quatchi.

From Banana, I got Darryl this sweater and cologne.

And a Gap sweater. [And some pyjama pants and a watch from other stores].

I got my half sister Rachel a dress from Old Navy.

And Thomas got an old man sweater.

Really, I used the discount on almost everyone. And everything was the right size!

Alison and I split on a new, non-30-year-old golf bag for dad. They have shoulder straps like a school bag now. How bizarre.

And here is a picture of the old one and the young one.

The rest of the week has been all about working lots, or visiting with Darryl's family, which was fun. I got an amazing haul of Christmas presents. Very lucky. What a great Christmas!


dt4ever said...

I guess people should have taken pictures of you with your haul, eh?!

Whiskeymarie said...

Let your gross aunt know that I found a homosexuality preventative for her online. It says to be intolerant, unattractive and generally sour- that should keep it away no problem.
The website does warn, however, that one of the side effects of this preventative is that you will only attract backwoods weirdos and people who worship NASCAR as friends and/or lovers.

Quite the haul! I want to be on your gift list next year, if cashmere hoodies are involved.

Deb said...

Glad to see you had a good Christmas! Have a great 2010; I enjoy your blog!