Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wait Is Over

This picture clearly suggests that to purchase your Olympic tickets, you just walk up to a cute little booth, pay Mukmuk, and walk home with your wonderful purchase.

Oh no.

In October 2008, you apply for tickets. You apply on the first day of a 5 week period. You wait and wait. In December you find out that you got some of the tickets you wanted, and your VISA is charged, and you pay it off, and you rejoice. Then you wait.

In June 2009, you try to buy more tickets when Round 2 begins, and you miss out. In November 2009, you try to buy that oh so coveted ticket to the Opening Ceremony, and the sale is postponed by a week, so you wait. Then, by some miracle, you DO buy that ticket a week later. Then you wait.

On December 23, you get an email that your tickets will arrive on the 30th. You sit at home all day not getting your hair cut, or going to pick up your paycheck. Then, at the end of the day, when you still don't have your tickets, you call and say "what the hell, dude?" to a woman named Flo. She says they were put on the wrong truck, and that her company if full of morons [she may not have said that part]. But she is helpful, and says you can go pick them up. So you run to the bus and take it to the end of the line at Hawthorne. You've got about 15 minutes to get yourself to Purolator, pick up the package, and get back to the bus, or you'll be waiting a long time for the next one, in the cold, with no bus shelter. Much running ensues. Its cold. But you get the envelope. Then you run back, and just make it. OC Transpo travel planner suggests that this would have taken about 35 minutes. Well we did it in 15, so take that.

Even though there was almost 15 months of waiting, this story ends very, very happily.

Since my ticket to the Opening Ceremony was purchased a year later, it will be shipped at a later date. Hopefully I wont have to go through all this again. But I will if needed, because it is oh so very worth it. I've been waiting 7 years for the Olympics to start. I only have to wait 43 more. [and in two months, you'll get to stop hearing me talk about them].

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas 2009 Pictures

Yes, Christmas was a week ago, but I've been busy, what with all the eating and unwrapping and working and trying to sleep.

Dad came to Ottawa on the 23rd to take Darryl and I to Renfrew. That evening, we went to the Crown and Kilt with Jenny and Lindsay.

We stuck Darryl in the corner, beside Jacey.

Rebecca, Stephanie and I rounded out the group. Our side of the table was more fun.

After drinks, some of us went to Wal*Mart since it was open late. Hooray for holiday hours. We STILL find novelty in the Wal*Mart grocery section, so we chose it as a suitable photo location. Thank you, camera timer.

Christmas Eve was dinner at dad's house, with his extended family. It was the first time they'd ever met Darryl, and pretty much the first time there was ever any discussion of me being gay, with that side of the family. It went really well. There were also NO gifts of any kind, and that was kind of nice. Just dinner and family and home time. My loser aunt Christine who is holier-than-thou stayed in the kitchen as to not contract homosexuality from us, and then she left, taking her ugly Christmas sweater and her jheri curl with her. Cue the rejoicing. I didn't even say hi to her. It was a great Christmas Eve.

We started Christmas morning at 8am, which was a reasonable time. There was hot chocolate and Bailey's. Mmm. Alison got this lovely shirt, which fits nicely over a hoodie.

I got Darryl a green Team Canada sweater to match my red one.

It was our first Christmas, yo!

I got Momma this lovely cashmere sweater. She seems to like it. I hope she doesn't wear it out.

Alison was enticed and overcome by the awesome power of Christmas. And the sparkly box from Old Navy.

I got her a cashmere hoodie. Really cashed in on my Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic discount this Christmas!

Staying Olympic, I got Darryl a little Mukmuk. He got me a Mukmuk blanket. He's like the cute younger brother of Quatchi.

From Banana, I got Darryl this sweater and cologne.

And a Gap sweater. [And some pyjama pants and a watch from other stores].

I got my half sister Rachel a dress from Old Navy.

And Thomas got an old man sweater.

Really, I used the discount on almost everyone. And everything was the right size!

Alison and I split on a new, non-30-year-old golf bag for dad. They have shoulder straps like a school bag now. How bizarre.

And here is a picture of the old one and the young one.

The rest of the week has been all about working lots, or visiting with Darryl's family, which was fun. I got an amazing haul of Christmas presents. Very lucky. What a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2007 pt. 2/2

Can you believe I've been doing Flashback posts every single Sunday since May? That's a bit ridiculous, and I commend anyone who has read them all for their awesomeness. And look how well I made it last... right until the last Sunday of the year. This is it folks. The last official trip into my past [although I'm sure it will come up for some reason or another in future posts, but not with such magnitude!] ... With this post, a person could technically read my blog from the beginning and have a complete crash course on the life and times of Michael Roesler. And why wouldn't they want to?

Kicking off in early June at the joint Stphanie-Rebecca birthday party. Here's Jenny!

And Bill, with Kristin, me and Jacey in the background. The girls were doing some 80s theme or something. I do not dress up.

Here's me early on in my job as a maintenance man at Best Western. One of my first blog posts ever was about the hatred of that awful place. I lasted 2 months. It was one of my most memorable job walkouts. [I really need to stop doing that! Or stop working at such shitty places!]

I got to escape the city one day in the summer, and went with Andrew to the RCMP trailer park [because his dad was a Mountie... and a douchebag!]. It was relaxing.

Also that month, Sean and I had dinner at the Boston Pizza in Kanata.

With Heather.

And then we all went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at Scotiabank place, and the concert was absolutely stellar. Despite the terrible pictures. Why do people even try to take concert pics?

The next amazing concert of the summer was The White Stripes at Bluesfets, with Mando and Rebecca [and Elyse and Andrew].

The morning of aunt Frances and uncle Dave's wedding party [they got married sur-pri-vately [get it!?] Alison, Andrew and I made lame attempts at being superheros for some reason.

There was a bus from the hotel to France's house, so everyone could get properly loaded at the open bar which we drank dry. We then drank the liquor cabinet dry. Awesome. I bonded with my distant cousin Ian, and it was the first time in my life that I found him to not be a pompous loser. I guess he's all growed up.

These dapper young gentlemen are my cousins Erik and Tommy.

Here's the happy couple, being happy and coupled.

Family photo! Momma, Tommy, Jonathon, Marie, Me, Alison and Andrew.

Here's Lennie, Creeper, and Laura.

In early August, a great weekend was spent at Laura and Lennie's cottage. "Cousin" Natalie was there for the fun!

We went on a little boat ride.

The folks with their kids, Genevieve and Jordan. If you ever want an amazing time, just go to their cottage. They are the hosts of the century.

We went on another boat ride.

And as a special thank you for reading all of these Flashbacks over the past 8 months, as well as the rest of my posts, you get this rare photo of me in girl pants, after I spilled something on mine.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2007 pt. 1/2

We're in the home stretch folks! Welcome to almost-three years ago!

I started off the year with a great lunch visit from Matt, who was in my class at the French thing I did in Quebec City in 2004. He is from Newfoundland, and his girlfriend Jessica is from Florida. They met at the same time as I met them, in 2004, and they kept the long distance thing going from 2004 until this lunch in 2007. In fact, as far as I know, they're still together, and she's now in BC [so opposite ends of one country, rather than different ones haha].

One horrible night, I was dragged to make my karaoke debut. The other guy here is my future [at that time] messy roommate, Tim.

Erin was also there for the sing along, and made this stunning face.

For the second time in my life, I was photographed drinking straight from the Crown Royal bottle, while someone looked on in fear.

I rallied [you just KNOW it was totally successfully] against rising tuition, at Parliament Hill.

Every successful rally day ends with a geography pub night, on a blisteringly cold and snowstormy night, at a bar located fairly far from the bus stop. Sierra can be blamed for the location choice.

But who could think about not attending in a snowstorm, when there's an Annalise lime smile included in the deal?

I try to refrain from talking about my brief daliance with fraternity life, since I've very much moved on, but here are some pictures from Krista's sorority formal, which was kind of swanky and totally fun. The swanky part began right after I finished getting changed into my suit in a hotel room jam-packed with already-dressed people. HAH

Mike and Virginia, the ridiculously happy couple, were there.

Heather, the ridiculously broken sweetheart, was there.

Some other night at Zak's Diner, a very drunken Val was so hungry that she couldn't wait for her own meal to arrive in like 5 minutes, so she ate off some Australian tourist's plate from the next booth over. Love the Aussies!

I barely know Meggan and Jay, but I love this picture for some reason.

There was much fun to be had on a random night back home, at Tim Horton's where I belonged.

My first trip on the O-Train [after 1.5 years of living in Ottawa!] was with a guy named Branden. We shared a birthday, he made me try sushi, we bought gummi bears. We had a blast. He was wonderful. He was also moving away two weeks after I met him.

I had a sweet photo wall in my bedroom that year. And some girl named Tia. She was part of a gathering we hosted.

So was Curtis. This is the guy who I worked with for the first 4 days I worked at Patty Boland's, after not seeing him since the night this picture was taken in 2007.

And in June, I was back to Renfrew again to participate in the Relay for Life with the girls. That's the year I drank amaretto with Mrs. Brumm [one of the elementary school teachers] and there was a Tornado warning but I kept walking in the pouring rain while most people were inside.