Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 4/6

With just 5 weeks left before school started, I was in Ottawa pounding the pavement. It was the hottest day of the year. The radio said people should stay at home and inside. But me? I was up and down the streets of Sandy Hill, learning firsthand the reason for the Hill part of the neighbourhood's name. Finally, I stumbled upon 39 Steawrt St. After meeting my future roommate and her two best friends, and them sharing popsicles with me, I was officially destined to live with


Her friend Jeff became my new best friend in the whole wide world. We were attached at the hip for the next 18 months before we just kind of stopped :(

The blue water tower of Renfrew welcomed me home for Thanksgiving.

So did the always sweet and sassy Tabitha... a town legend that can't be rivalled.

Momma and I enjoyed a sweet and sassy moment of our own, under the maple in the back yard.

After a bar night in Ottawa, I ran into my cousin Jordan and his then-girlfriend Michele in the doorway of Zak's Diner. This is one in a series of MANY similar pictures that Michele took. Such awful awful pictures.

Through Krista, I met Tim: my next roommate/messy disaster.

Basil and Sarah didn't stick around too long on my 19th birthday, which was probably smart, since I started hitting people with the wand they taped into my hand. Oh, to be drunk again...

Jeff and Justin were the instigators of intoxication that night.

Another night, Cowboy Mike graced our apartment with his hillbilly presence.

Then, I was treated to a birthday treat of homemade brownies and frozen hot chocolate

Courtesy of Lisa, who is completely awesome, but I sadly never see/saw enough.

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Bec said...

aww remember when you photoshoped that tabitha picture and put a christmas sweater on her and created the best facebook even ever/the busiest night finnagins has ever seen and tabitha didn't even show up?!?!?