Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 3/6

Summer adventure brought us back to Victoria Public School, which closed after our Grade 1 year. I needed to rekindle my childhood and climb the snowman.

And play on the dinosaur, while MegH looked on.

Of course, it was probably warm out, so some time spent testing the furniture at Liquidation World was necessary.

Quite upsettingly, the snowman, the dinosaur and Liquidation World are all now gone. Quite a difference 3 years can make!

That night, we told Back Seat Mike that we were coming to Glasgow Station to pick him up. He does what we say. We decided to go to Ottawa to the Wal*Mart that is open sort of late, and we got ice cream at McDonald's. Because we could.

In August, I spent 17 magical days working at TeleTech, after No Frills was too douchey to stay at. I loved TeleTech [see: things that have since been torn down, item 4]. Jessica didn't like it so much... probably because she wasn't in my group.

But Dustin was.

And so was Kyle.

August 29 changed the way I looked at Geography forever. Field Camp I was dreaded by the ~80 students involved, and the bus ride there was not a happy one, but that was quickly all forgotten. The weeklong course at Camp Awacamenj Mino on Lac Isabel near Low, Quebec, was fantastic experience of drinking, researching, canoing to class and getting to know the people I'd spend the next 3 years of school with. People I grew to love. Here we've got Mandy, Sierra, Mary and Kerri.

And Phil! With Sierra!

Its also where I met both Rich [appalled] and Crown Royal [delicious].

There's Dave on the end beside me! The great thing was that this picture wasn't actually posed. We were just like this. Good times.

Javier, Sierra and Brian. Sierra loves getting into pictures even though she hates pictures of herself. In the end, we were sad to leave. But in March 2008, we did return, AS YOU MAY REMEMBER.

The next night, we were joined by more of the gang... Chris, Rebecca F., Me, Rebecca N., Felicia, Kyle and Michelle.

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Dave said...

I was waiting my my eventual appearance in this series. Huzzah.

Others may feel free to resume breathing, now, and continue to the wild applause.