Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 2/6

With a year of university under my belt, I was back to Renfrew for the summer.

Kristin and I took an insane amount of pictures together at Lindsay's place.

I really like this picture.

That was the night I totally pissed off Gavan's girlfriend Margaret. Its not my fault her mom's name is Sexy Pam!

Even though we were going to the bar, Lindsay was for some reason in pyjamas and stuffing her face on the floor.

Obligatory Traci picture.

Somewhere along the line, I came into possession of Gavan's jacket. And Calvin was a little off...

When Steph came to visit Renfrew, we took her to the museum.

Jacey sold us some Corn Flakes for cheap.

I got married.

Jacey and Steph put on their sexy reading glasses.

The we went to the Sex Park.

I hit my head on something :(

The next Subway trip was even more successful. Brandon was there.

And Calvin normal-ed himself up.

Hell, even Lori Anne and my mom were there! Subway is the great equalizer.

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