Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2006 pt. 1/6

The 2005 series was 88 pictures over 7 weeks. I thought I could cut that down for 2006, but I narrowed it down to MORE pictures. However, they will be in just 6 posts. Enjoy!

After living so close to Ottawa for so many years, and being on the grounds several times, and even being inside for Trudeau's funeral, I finally took the official tour of Centre Block on Parliament Hill [with Lasha], including a trip to the observation deck of the Peace Tower! You can even see my rez from here!

It gave a pretty good view of the clock as well...

That night, Lasha and I took Monica skating on the Rideau Canal, to give her some lessons. It was freezing cold, and lots of fun.

That winter, I learned that the windows in rez didn't exactly keep the cold on the outside...

But the view from those windows only got better!

Late one night, I took this super creepy picture of rez

While Nicole, Lars and Candice hung out outside

Building a giant chess board as part of an overnight campus snow sculpture competition.

I really hope this awesome recreation of a Calvin & Hobbes comic with sharks chasing the snowman won. So cool.

This is one of the last, possibly the last photo ever of the Capital Music Hall building. Extremely tragic loss, that one. Damn condos.

One night during Winterlude, Rebecca, Monica and I grabbed some of their friends and a guy named Sam they found online on the residence network and headed down to the Ice Café.

In March, I took Anne to the Arts Ball along with Courtney, Steph and some guy, and many others not photographed here. That night involved the most epic group rendition/dancing of Bohemian Rhapsody EVER.

My rez neighbour Jess got on my bed and checked dignity and class at the door.

On April 29, I moved out of rez. Jess D. and Trista still had about 24 hours until they moved out, but they were clearly behind on their packing skills...

I said my goodbyes to Caitie, Gabby, Sumaiyah and Adam.

And Meg, our incredible Community Advisor.

Then, I said goodbye to Thompson 804A. *love*

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Darryl said...

Ah, Thompson, such a nice name!!

So many pictures... it's good that you document your life so well! Good thing that you can help document mine *high five*!

I remember Winterlude that year -- it was the first time I'd ever been... even though I lived in Ottawa for years before that. Crazy, I tells ya!