Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 7/7

You've made it. 7 weeks later, we're finally going to finish up with the pics from 2005. I bet you're happy. I know you've been waiting to see these ones. And here they are.

When I got back to town after my first semester of university, I needed some sweet sweet Tim Horton's time. Mando and I were in our period of non-speaking, so I went with Natasha.

And Jackson.

And Meghan.

And myself.

Also, Mando was there, reading a book across the restaurant. I totally inconspicuously took this picture.

Then, these two awesome people came in and we wanted to take a picture of their asses. This picture is a fun story, because for 17 months, I had no idea who these people were. Then, one day, through the power of Facebook, their identities were revealed. That's the power of the internet, my friends. High five to Annie and Patrick.

Alison hosted mom's family Christmas that year. The only disaster was that the oven stopped working mid-turkey-cook, so it had to be taken to Momma's house to be cooked and then returned for supper. Supper was obviously late, so FOUR CASES of wine from Alison's wedding was consumed.

That big tree ornament looks like a big star hat on Alison. Sweet!

Here's aunt Frances and grandma waiting for turkey.

And Jenna and Erik. Waiting for turkey.

The next day, my aunt Leona was evil and somehow managed this photo without waking me. I wonder if there are ever photos of me sleeping that I DON'T find out about!? :O

To ease your worrying minds, Mando and I reconciled our differences by the time New Year's Eve rolled around.

We grabbed Meghan and Sheena [RANDOM ... because she promised free donuts from Tim Horton's when she got off work] and we ate pizza and rang in the new year in boring fashion. Good times. Bring on 2006!

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