Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Final Resting Place

Faithful readers, do you remember way back in March 2008 when I completed the huge painting that my cousin Tommy commissioned from me? The one RIGHT HERE?

Well, that painting went on to move with my to my apartment on Brittany Dr., where it found a perfect home leaning against a wall just slightly larger than the painting itself. It made an awkward, 5-walled room completely awesome and perfect. When I moved out of that apartment at the end of August of this year, Tommy still had never come from Toronto to get it from me. Because my sister was coming to help me move to the current apartment, I wrapped the painting meticulously and she hauled it home to Renfrew to be kept at Momma's house.

Finally, two weekends ago, Tommy was in Renfrew visiting his parents, and he picked up the painting. After some difficulty fitting it into his vehicle, he got it back to his home in Toronto, where he finally got to unwrap my masterpiece.

Since his first official viewing, I've received two weeks of voicemails, emails and text messages thanking me. He LOVES it.

And after 6 hours, and 4 trips to the hardware store, it has finally found its place in the world, hanging in Tommy's stairway. The end.

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Bec said...

thats so exciting, it looks great!