Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Darryl

Monday was Darryl's birthday [its a busy month]. He is pretty awesome, for the fact that he does anything I want him to for a good photo op.

Someone gave my mom this awful hat at her birthday party, so I made Darryl wear it.

When he blew out his birthday candles before I had a chance to get a picture [jerk!] he went along with me re-lighting them and getting him to do it again.

And when his students gave him a gift with this bow on it, he posed, knowing that it was going to happen whether he wanted it to or not.

So, Happy Birthday to my life sized Ken doll!


Colin said...

I think Darryl needs to make a cheetah hat/bow tie combo a part of his regular dress. Smexy, is what it is.

katrocket said...


I think you're awesome.

*birthday hugs!!!*

dt4ever said...

Thanks... I am pretty awesome! :D

dt4ever said...

Colin - I will consider it, only if the bowtie is the same colour as the cheetah hat! ;)

Colin said...

That can totes be arranged. To taksy backsies.

Colin said...


dt4ever said...

Fine... I am his Ken-doll, afterall. He can dress me however he wants! lol

Whiskeymarie said...

I so love a good sport- can I borrow Darryl for a bit? My Mr. won't wear costumes, and that bores me- I need a Ken doll of my own.

OK? thanks!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Happy belated to birthday to Darryl - he's a lucky young man and so are you. Best wishes to you both.