Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 22nd Birthday

Its officially been over a week since my birthday. In fact, my sister's birthday has passed since then. She's 31 now. Good lord.

The day was great. My lab at school went quickly. I ran into Erin, who I hadn't seen in a long time. I won $21 on scratch tickets. I got a surprise package in the mail from Colin. I got to make a wish on an eyelash, and then another right after on my cake candles.

Momma and Alison came to Ottawa for the evening, and we went to The Works, which is the best hamburger restaurant ever. The waiter was super funny, and the food was delicious, as usual.

I had the Beverly Hills Lawsuit, which is topped a fried egg, spinach, and other stuff that I don't remember. The meat was elk, the bun was brown, and the side was mashed potatoes. It was incredibly good.

Darryl had a burger I don't recall. I'm sure he liked it. I'm sure he also enjoyed all the stories we told... basically every vomit story from the lives of Alison and I. Classy.

Alison had the Sk8r Boi, which is one of TWO burgers named after Avril Lavigne [ugh]. And it has peanut butter on it. Just awful. She said it was good.

Momma had some burger I don't recall. She should have been more vocal.

Of course, she HAD to tell the waiter it was my birthday. Thankfully, The Works isn't a jerkstore, and when the waiter came and asked whose birthday it was, he quickly calmed my horrified face by telling me I was receiving a birthday card from the restaurant, which buys me a free meal in the future. No song, no dance. Just awesomeness from an awesome restaurant.

We came back to the apartment for cake [which was misleading... apparently I turned 6]. It was so delicious. It was my standard request of chocolate cake with orange icing [mint flavoured] with melted chocolate poured on top. Its a delight.

To got some fantastic prizes for my birthday as well. [Dad and family came to visit on Sunday night]. The parents each took me out to dinner, and each bought me gift cards to The Bay so I can buy some sweet Olympic Team clothing for my upcoming trip. Cards in the mail included cash, and fudge from Colin.

And Darryl, he went way overboard. First, he decided to get the three photo books printed that I'd completed long ago, but couldn't afford to actually purchase. Now, with these books from my youth [1987-2004] and also from 2008. Now my photo book collection is complete! I was so impressed with them. You can check out my life and my handiwork here: BOOK 1, BOOK 2, BOOK 3.

But that's not all! Darryl was also RIDICULOUSLY GENEROUS and booked me a hostel to stay in when I'm at the Olympics. Private room and everything! ... This came about on one of my many occasional scourings of the internet for places to stay. I had a free place lined up, but I barely knew the girl and I thought it would be super awkward.

And to top it all off? He got me a pair of Calvin Klein pyjama pants. I think I'll keep him around for the birthdays of the future ;)


Darryl said...

Damn straight!

katrocket said...

Hi Michael - sorry I missed your birthday, but looks like it was DELICIOUS! Sending you belated b-day hugs!

Bec said...

the works is the best burger place ever :) Glad you had such a good birthday. Also I am still upset that roots doesn't do the olympic clothing anymore

James said...

Happy Belated B-day! Mine was on the 9th. Scorpios rule!

(PS. I think it's funny that everyone got their portrait taken...with their food!)