Monday, October 19, 2009

The Train House

For lunch, I ate the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers. I kind of forgot about them. They were still delicious. They also reminded me that I'm lazy, and I still never got those pictures on here. Well folks, your wait is over!

Upon arriving in town on Saturday, I took the driver's seat of Momma's new car. It is a lot smaller than her old one. Very peppy. And very small. I needed to see what horror they had inflicted on the town water tower. White paint. Awful. Where's the blue? Where's the fun? Where's the beef? [NOTE: We later went to lunch at Wendy's. 5 points for tying it all together.]

On the horrors of Renfrew tour, I also got to witness for myself the hole in my life where the Renfrew Mall used to be. The sad part is that I knew it was going to be torn down some day, so I wanted to get in there and take some pictures of the place. Oh well. Bye bye mall... you rocked. Stupid Wal*Mart.

That night, I had people over to Momma's for drinking and board game fun. And it WAS fun. Then we headed out for a good old fashioned Renfrew-style pub crawl [we even went to Bobsledz for my first time! It was mediocre!] I We have now is the point on the post where I make an executive decision to not post the 28 pictures I took at the bars that night. Just imagine a whole bunch of pictures of me standing beside 1-3 of my friends or family members that I hadn't seen in a long time, and was therefore happy to see and NEEDED to be photographed with. If you truly want to see, I can send the pics to you. Just ask!

In chronological order, the people are as follows: Stephanie, Jenny, Lindsay, Alison, Alexi, Haley [some New Zealand chick], Darryl, Rebecca F., Kristin, Rebecca D., Eric, Bounsavanh, Natalie, Genevieve, Other Natalie, Jessica, Vanessa, Jacey, Nick, Ryan and Brandon. This of course does not include all the people in the blurry pics I deleted, and all the people who I didn't manage to photograph. Oh my.

After the bar, Athena was sad. She also violated the cardinal post-bar Subway rule. She hoarded a table for non-eating purposes, ruining the flow of eat and get out, which is timed perfectly for all tables to be full at all times, and everyone had a place to sit and eat. Stupid Athena!

Sunday involved Thanksgiving dinner with mom's extended family at my aunt Frances' house. It was delightful.

Monday morning, we woke up early and drove to Foymount to go to the Sierra Designs factory store so Alison could get a new winter coat. We then made several stops along the way home, because we were having fun and wanted to pack in lots of fun things. On the drive, we probably listened to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas about 50 times. No lies. What fun it was! And the singing!

We stopped in at Whispering Pines trailer park to see the pretty leaves [not on the pines, obviously] and to take this BEAUTIFUL photo of our BEAUTIFUL family. See those smiles? That's right... they're genuine!

We all took a turn on the swings. Even Momma, who was all 'lets hurry and not make any stops and get home'. hehe

And we played on this climby thing.

And we had this random 'dance party' on this 'stage'.

Then on the way home, we drove by this amazing house which required turning back. We thought it may be mini putt, or a crazy store or something. What it was, was an old train station that then became a bar that then became an antique store than then became a house. A house for a clearly eccentric old couple. A couple who was entertaining Thanksgiving guests. But they were used to people stopping, so it was ok. Oh, and the husband had expressed interest in turning it into a mini putt place, so we were almost right. Weirdos.

We took a wee little drive through Eganville.

Then when we got back to town, we needed even more ways to prolong the trip home, now that we were just moments away. We stopped at Kingburger for milkshakes, which we took down to the swinging bridge. Alison and Momma did a dance routine.

Darryl and I just DRANK! MAZEL TOV!


Bec said...

bah too cute :) I love your family! Also athena did eat... ALL MY SUNCHIPS!!!!!! I didn't even get one :(

i am playing outside said...

I know she eventually ate, but not until after sitting at her table FOREVER by herself. Like, the entire time it took us to get through the line!

I want sunchips! lol

Darryl said...

Awwww Renfrew, I miss it already!

(I want sunchips too!)