Friday, October 2, 2009

The Rio

Things like this video are the reason why Chicago didn't win its bid for the 2016 Olympics. Being that pompous doesn't get you anywhere. Trotting Obama and Oprah out onto the stage doesn't help either. The last time I checked, the Olympics was about athletics, not a daytime talk show.

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro on their win! First Olympics in South America!


Dave said...

A fine example of objective journalism right there. Good on Rio, though, they deserved it.

And unfortunately, I sometimes feel like the Olympics isn't as much about athletics as it is politics...

i am playing outside said...

I understand that Americans rooting for Chicago would be disappointed, but they have already hosted the Olympics twice in my relatively short lifetime, so someone else should get a turn. And like I said in the post, when you're vying for the chance to host the largest-scale event known to man, you may want to check the attitude at the door.

James said...

Why do you hate Oprah, man? Haven't you seen the Color Purple?? Haha

And I agree with you that it's high time South America got a shot. Now we need an African nation to host them...

But I don't see anything scandalous in a country hosting the games more than once, or even wanting your own country to host the games. I mean, in MY short lifetime, Montreal got the winter games in 76. (I was born that winter.) Calgary got them in 88. And Vancouver's getting the summer games next year. That's 3 times for Canada in my 32 years.

By contrast, in the same period the US has hosted the games 4 times. (Lake Placid 80, Los Angeles 84, Atlanta 96, and Salt Lake City 02)

So yeah, if we're talking Olympics games in your lifetime, we look like hogs. But from my perspective, we're pretty even on the Olympic gluttony scale.

Also consider: in the same period, countries from Europe hosted the games 10 times (if you count Russia and Yugoslavia) so even on a continental basis, we (and by we, I mean us North Americans) are still pretty even and even come out behind the Europeans.

(7 in North America, 10 in Europe.)

What about Spain? Madrid was in the running too. They had Barcelona in 92! And yet they sent their president to Copenhagen to beg for the Olympics too. (I bet they wished they had Oprah with em, too.)

And London? London's hosted the games 3 times. The UK has hosted them 3 times...3 fewer than the US. A tiny island!

France, also a tiny country with an inflated sense of self-importance, has hosted the games 5 times! 5 times?!

So yeah, I agree with you that Rio is AWESOME. But I'm gonna have to disagree on the pompous attitude stuff.

i am playing outside said...

James, you completely missed the point. Its not pompous because they've hosted before, its pompous because everyone acted as though they had it in the bag, and cried like little babies when they were out first. Saying that you were better than everyone else's bid even after everyone else's bid ultimately beat yours is a sore loser reaction.

i am playing outside said...

And really, your lifetime is 11 years longer than mine. You may have seen 2 Canadian Olympics, but I've seen 0. I wrote my blog from my perspective ;)

James said...

So we still agree that it's great that Rio got it, right? :)