Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Job I Love

The store I work at has been without a general manager for the past few months, so it has become a huge disaster, and has been failing on all five categories of the customer experience survey... until I returned.

A lot of my shifts have been working in the fitting rooms, which I freaking LOVE doing, and many people dislike [that works well for me getting what I want]. And it just so happens that a I've been back to the store for 1.5 weeks, and the past week's survey had customers rating their fitting room experiences positively. Now, I'm not saying that I'm the ONLY reason that we've finally got one category back on the good side of things, but well, it was failing before me, and thriving after me. Just sayin'.

So why do I love the fitting rooms? Its all about the people, yo! If I'm shopping, I hate store employees who come up to me asking if I need anything... therefore, if I'm working on the sales floor, I don't want to bother customers with information about the latest sale on yoga pants. I certainly don't want the sweeping and bathroom cleaning job, and I've already put in my cashier time at No Frills. Stocking shelves is fine, but the amount of identical womens' shirts with only slight variations to differentiate them drives me nuts.

Working in the fitting rooms, I know that people are prepared to talk to me. They come to me. I get to greet my visitors. I get to show them to their rooms. I get to offer my help. I get to help them decide if they look good or not [I do NOT think they should buy something if it doesn't look great!] And I'm pretty awesome at organizing and folding. Unlike most of my coworkers, I can talk and fold at the same time, and my folds are spectacular.

In the past week, I had the pleasure of the following:
-Watching a wee small child joyfully trying on Halloween costumes with her dad. And I could tell he was a good dad.
-Joking around with a guy while his brother tried on clothes. We tricked him into trying on a girl's shirt. Good times.
-Stopping a guy from stealing an entire backpack full of clothes. Screw you, bud.
-Telling a middle-aged woman that she looked great in those size 2 jeans, after she told me she'd recently lost 65 lbs. She seemed so unsure, but hopefully I helped her realize that she can truly pull them off just like she once did.

And so many more awesome experiences with people trying on clothes. Who knew something so simple [and sometimes so fast-paced] could be such a positive experience!?

Tomorrow, we finally get a new general manager. I'll need to pull him aside and have a little chat about keeping me firmly planted in the fitting rooms. I don't think he'll regret it. He needs something constant and successful in his quest to bring the store back to some level of normalcy!


Darryl said...

Good luck with that. You do deserve the fitting room job - it sounds like the awesomest place to be, since it makes you happy and you have fun stories. Long live the fitting rooms.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

It sounds like a win-win for all involved so I don't see how the new GenMan could turn you down.

If your survive the holiday season back there you will be a superstar.

Whiskeymarie said...

That was always my favorite part about retail as well. I didn't mind ringing up sales (this was back in the day before cashiers had to pummel customers with credit-card and other bulls*it offers), but having my own little "place" to work and not having to deal with people beyond simple interactions was usually very lovely.