Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Go Backs

Working at Old Navy, when there were items that customers took to the dressing rooms, but decided not to buy, they were hung on a rack. When the rack was full, someone would drag it around the store, putting everything back on the shelves they came from. See: go backs.

[10 points if you see where this is going.]

When I left Old Navy abruptly, my manager told me that if things didn't work out with my job at Patty Boland's, to come back and talk to her.

[2 points if you see where this is going now.]

When I walked into Old Navy today, I was fairly nervous. Almost three months later, who wants to go crawling back to their old job? Its a bit embarrassing. Obviously I was relieved when the manager saw me and said "PLEASE tell me you're coming back to work for me."

That's all we needed. She shouted her excitement from the rooftops. They offered me hours. Lots of them. [Hopefully it will stay that way]. I was even still in the system, receiving blank schedules every week for three months via email, so a few clicks later, I was back in the system. I worked my 'first' shift tonight.

After securing my new old Old Navy job, I headed home to call Patty Boland's. At this point, all they deserved from me was a phone call. I got the head bouncer on the phone, told him to tell my douche bag of a boss that I quit, and after his stunned response, that was it.

No longer will I have to deal with a boss who treats me like crap and tries to screw me with my schedule. No longer will I work at a job where I never have a chance to get a night off because there's no one to replace me. No longer will I miss out on every social event, on spending time with my friends and Darryl, on getting regular sleep.

Sure, I'll miss the free food and booze, and the many coworkers that I did enjoy. But that's a small price to pay for not dealing with a boss who made me VERY unhappy. And that's hard to do to me.

The manager at Old Navy told me she knew I'd return someday. I told her I knew I would too. I knew it the day I left. I liked working there, and I'm excited to be back.

As for Patty Boland's? The kitchen is already understaffed, and there's no one to fill in as dishwasher. And I don't care. The kitchen manager put himself in a vulnerable position by forcing people to quit, or firing people left and right, and he still treated the remaining staff like crap. More people will leave.

During the 80 days I worked there, an employee left every 4 days. I give my replacement two months.


Darryl said...

Good post!

You're happier already - and it shows. It's good to see! :)

Anonymous said...


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

No wonder you've been posting so much about your past - your present was unpleasant (I didn't mean that to rhyme - it's just a bonus). It all makes sense now. I have been following your blog as closely as I can but I must have missed the whole job switch thing.

I tried for ages to get a job in the IT Dept. at the catalog facility in Columbus - it's a great company to work for.

Anyhoo... A bad boss can ruin your life - you did the right thing.

i am playing outside said...

Lady - it really IS a great company! Especially for the fantastic discounts at the different stores! :D

and all the people are friendly, which is great!

Whiskeymarie said...

(Sorry, I'm just now getting caught up on blog-reading)

Hey! You're officially a restaurant refugee! You can't really say you are/were a restaurant person unless you have quit a job, calling the boss a douchebag/asshole/bitch/useless piece of human poo.

Good for you!

Though, back in the day, after 8+ years of retail, I was feeling pretty much the same way.