Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fun-Treal

Thursday morning, I was forced to wake up ridiculously early for the third time in a week. 22 minutes later, I got out of bed, and slowly got ready to leave. Of course, Darryl was ready quickly. I'm really slow. If I had only spent 21 extra minutes in bed, we wouldn't have missed the bus. We picked a new route, and still made it to the Greyhound station with a little time to spare. I got sat in the seat in front of Darryl, and we were off to Montreal!

We spent the afternoon shopping on Ste. Catherine, then headed over to the Delta hotel where we got a sweet deal by using which I completely endorse.

We napped.

We strolled on down to Bofinger which is the greatest restaurant ever, and I can't seem to go to Montreal without eating there, since the promised Ottawa location still hasn't happened. After a brisket burger with mac and cheese, we hiked down to the east end of the street to the wee little Le Savoy @ Metropolis. Two lame-o boys played acoustic guitars and thought there were the coolest thing in the world.

Then Jay Brannan came out and was his TOTALLY AWESOME self. If you ever have the chance, you should go see him. He's a great singer/songwriter, cute, and funny. And he's not that popular, so he's willing to talk to you and take pictures with you after.

Like this one!

Sadly, Jay didn't invite us to become his new best friends in the whole wide world [although he DID like my hat!] so we trekked back to the west side and hung out at Second Cup before calling it a night. We wanted to see a movie, but apparently Montreal's theatres close before Ottawa's, which is bizarre.

Friday morning, we slept in, took our sweet time [see: I took my sweet time] getting ready, and just made the noon check-out time.

We ate brunch at Eggspectation, which is a place I'd probably never eat at in Ottawa, but things are better in Montreal. I had a delicious omelet... I even enjoyed the avocado that was on it! Sadly, my brain wasn't in French mode, so reading the large menu was a bit difficult and I just made Darryl read everything to me haha.

Next, we went to the Contemporary Art Museum, which was a total letdown. Enough said. Then we walked all the way to the gay village which was a total letdown. Enough said. Then, we took the metro out to the Olympic Park, which was only a partial letdown.

The funicular was closed for maintenance or something, so we couldn't go up, which was the whole reason I took Darryl there, since everyone loves an elevator and a view. Instead, we had a private tour of Olympic Stadium. That place is in rough shape! But we learned.

We left the Olympic Park to go back downtown to meet Pam. She took us on a wild goose chase to a sub restaurant named Dagwood's which was friggin' delicious. Key lime cookies? Hell yes! Eventually we got back on the bus, and my BlackBerry's dying battery lasted just long enough for me to listen to Jay Brannan songs all the way back to Ottawa. It was a good pre-weekend.


Darryl said...

Glad the battery lasted long enough - but I would have given you my iPod worse come to worse. :)

It was a great time... too bad for the "letdowns" though. Oh well - it was a weekend during the week, can't complain about that!

JennyMac said...

great food, great music, great friends. sounds like a perfect time!