Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 5/7

Oh, how timely. Its October 2009, and this post comes from October 2005. Anyone who doesn't care what I was doing exactly four years ago can go to hell. But please stay and read first. Everyone loves pictures!

Oh look, its Natalie and one of the twins at the Douglas Hotel. This one is possibly Nathan, since he's her boyfriend, but you never know.

And here's Kyle and Genevieve [my super special birthday buddy!].

And me with Laura. We were all there [along with many more people in a larger room] to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary. It was great fun, until I left for a party at Jodie's which was way into full swing when I arrived. Traci was already off to bed. All the pictures from that event are blurry.

Oh, and here's Andrew pushing Jennifer away. I guess it was foreshadowing.

Here's me not having any male friends at Tim Horton's the next day.

Sheena was rockin' it that night.

As per Renfrew tradition, when you are done at Tim Horton's, you head across town to then hang out at the OTHER Tim Horton's. At least Rebecca and Lindsay wanted to come with me.

I took a picture of Jessie working, but its such a hideous picture that I wont show it here. But this is her after work is all done.

Tell me... is Lindsay more embarrassing while showing off her pit stains?

Or when she's got cellphone antennae?

Eventually, Thanksgiving weekend had to end, and I was back to Ottawa. I'm pretty sure my neighbour Sumaiyah spent several days trapped within her own mess.

Occasionally during first year, I hung out with Steve and his roommates in Brooks rez. We had poker nights, and he cooked us food. Mmm, perogies.

One night, Elyse and Joe came to visit. [Sorry to Elyse if this picture offends her]. It looks like my arm is super long and reaching all the way to Joe. Classic!

Jessi, one of my floormates, was on hand for that night's festivities [it seemed like no one else was] so we baked not one, but TWO pans of banana bread! Mmm.

On Halloween weekend, Monica dropped by to show off her costume, which consisted of cow ears. Even my No Frills employee costume was better than ears! lol

But, in a crazy turn of events, I had TWO costumes that year, on two separate days, rather than my usual zero costumes. Gabby, Jess D. and I dressed as science students in order to join in the Halloween walk to get candy from the Prime Minister and the Governor General. It wasn't really worth the lengthy walk candy-wise, but we had fun. It should be noted that while me dressing as a science student was a costume, the other two dressing as they normally would a couple times per week was not.

Next week, we get one step closer to the end of this lengthy, lengthy year.

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