Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 4/7

I think my high school graduation is the final appearance of crappy scanned pictures. Eventually, even Momma got a digital camera.

Pre-ceremony, we have Kayla [the moron who took a group photo of a chair at prom], Lindsay, Rebecca N. and Jacey.

And me with Jessica and Ashley A.

And look! Its Rebecca! It was totally hot that day, being June and all, and I wanted to wear shorts but my mom wouldn't let me. Other people were totally wearing them. But I did get away with my awesome yellow and red Vans shoes, which matched my Las Vegas belt buckle.

Thankfully the ceremony only lasted like 3 hours at hotness. No one tripped across the stage. Hugs all around. Off to the lower cafeteria for snacks and Pepsi and whatnot. In this picture, we have MegH, Me, Keller, Mando, Josh and Jackson. I'm pretty sure that in this picture, at this point in time, no one is really friends with more than one other person in the picture HAHA ... well I guess other than Mando.

I don't know why this happened, but I like it.

Me with Ashley, who kind of looks like crap compared to her usual self. See that strand of hair? Completely out of place. HAH

Then, my digital camera broke, after just 6 months, so I sent it to Futureshop to get it fixed under the warranty. That was June, and they said two weeks. In Setember, I moved to Ottawa for university, and called them being all WHERE THE HELL IS MY CAMERA? And they said I had to come in and get a new one. Thanks for telling me that forever ago. Never buy an HP camera.

Anyway, early in the rez days, we played a 17 hour Monopoly game, which I totally eventually won.

This was my neighbour, Candice.

And my roommate Lars! Oh boy, did we ever not get along well most of the time! Just think of the angry blogs I could have written about this boy!

Jess D. and Adam lived on my floor, on the Science kids end. Losers. hehe

My half of the room was pretty sweet, complete with high bed and sectioned off desk area, so people couldn't get too close to me HAH. You could also crawl under the bed. Everyone loves a good fort.

I went on many late night adventures with Nicole and Lars in the early days. Especially to explore school construction zones haha. [NOTE: this is in an elevator, not a construction zone].

Anne and I took a gander at our favourite of the 5 big scary people, who are sadly gone now. Possibly because people were always covering the shirtless jungle guy with food. I'll never forget that the plaque said this girl was Candace Wood.

This girl, Anna, lived on my floor. As you can tell, her life was a MySpace profile. She called herself Ania, and claimed that she was baptized by the pope.

This is Lucy. She was pretty cool. But she lived all the way on the other side of the floor. So far away! lol

And here I am with Jess, when we cleaned her disgusting messy room, pretending to be on Trading Spaces, which made little sense, since she was keeping the same space and doing most of her own cleaning. I helped her clean every month or so, since she was a disaster. Her roommate Trista wasn't there that night, so we played with her stuff. It was great fun.

Next week? All that October 2005 had to offer!


Bec said...

your dorm room looked amazing like one of those magazine ones that I thought was impossible! Also forts are key to dorms, once we used all our extra sheets and made my neighbors entire room a huge fort!

boredmando said...

Holy snapple! I did not know that picture of megH and me existed. I totally love it.

Tyra would totally high five pastmando for rocking her angles and whatnot.

And jesus, I thought I was pale now.

Also, is it just me, or does highschoolmando TOTALLY look like Johnny when he first came to our school? I think it's just because my eye catches the hair colour first, not because I look like a dude.

And I feel like the point of this picture was to show that she was more dressed up at our grad than I was.

Seriously though, seeing this picture has made my night (until how much weight I've gained since then starts to sink in. I didnt seem to weigh myself back then so thankfully I dont know an exact number, hoo-rah)

I totally skipped the rest of this post because I wanted to comment on this picture. I keep saying this, because I have my comment window open and the picture window as well.

I'd like to note that I'm pretty sure this is the last day of the existence of my white hair :'( The next day mom dyed it black.

As for the group grad picture, I'm still friends with you, MegH and Keller. WINNER!

Anonymous said...

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Darryl said...

I like how you seem over-dressed for your graduation -- at least in that one pic. Class act, all the way. (We were forced to wear our uniforms under our gown - and had to give back our cap and everything)!

So when will you be bringing back that red hair?

Anonymous said...