Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 3/7

May 2005. RCI Prom. I looked so good. And just for the record, Mando was there, but totally not photographed.

Just look at me. Perfection. Especially in my vintage shirt that I bought in NYC [which is now my goal shirt for losing weight and someday fitting into again. Oh how times have changed.]

Here I am at dinner with MegH, who was my girl date. This is probably after she accidentally smashed her awesome corsage on the table. It should be noted that I had one of those hair days that looked better live than in 2D. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

This lovely picture is the aftermath of stupid Kayla ATTEMPTING to take...

THIS picture, of Michelle, Greg, Lindsay, Me, Jacey and Jodie. Kayla is such a spazz-fail.

Oh hey, here's most of MegH's corsage... God I have great taste. And she was oh so sassy!

Look at me with lovely Lily!

Oh... did I mention that I have amazing taste? lol

Lets play a game. Which one was the angry one? Vote now for either Rebecca N or MegH!

After prom, MegH and I swung by Tim Hortons to grab a midnight bagel from Gavan.

After prom was a sweet all night partay in a field outside town. Best setup ever. For some reason, the only picture I have is this one of Kyle and Marlon, with Daddy's car in the background.

And in a non-prom related photo, we have the birth of my first half-sibling, Rachel.

Next week, the 2005 saga continues, with graduation, and the start of university!


boredmando said...

Fun Fact: MegH actually called me up as she was dress shopping because her and her mom were looking at a dress and she wanted to make sure it wasnt the one I told her I got. After saying tigery a bunch of times I think we decided she was looking at my dress so she didnt get it. I think her and I could have pulled off matching dresses much better than her and Rebecca did.

Darryl said...

While MegH has an evil look, you can tell that Rebecca N's smile is fake...therefore, my vote goes for Rebecca N!

i am playing outside said...

Darryl... that's just Rebecca's face

Mando... Please use the word 'tigery' more often :D

Darryl said...


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James said...

I went through a comb-my-hair-the-wrong-way phase too. My sideburns were never as rocking though.

Darryl said...

ha @ what James said!

In hindsight, I'm jealous that you were able to get away with hair like that. I like, though I prefer your hair now.

Going to French prep school, we were limited as to:

1) the colour of our hair
2) the length and style of our hair

...and that's just the hair. Then there was the uniform. Shoulda went to an (English) Public school!!!

Anonymous said...



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JennyMac said...

those are some serious hot sideburns!

and love the pic of you holding baby Rachel. Precious!

thanks for the book rec, I am going to see if they have the eVersion on Kindle! I appreciate you sharing the title with me.

Anonymous said...

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