Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Time Management

Someday, I hope to see a post from my own blog pop up in Google Reader [which, by the way, I have started using/loving]. [Yes, I know I'm way behind, but I liked the personal touch of going to each of your blogs. But now I need things to happen fast!] that has somehow written itself.

So someday I may get around to posting the pictures from the fun mini putt day I had with Darryl on Sunday, but I am feeling extremely busy lately. If anyone out there has any advice on how I'm supposed to manage full time work, part time school, homework, spending time with Darryl, trying to have some semblance of a social life, all the travel time that is involved with the previous things, bathing, eating, sleeping and actually having some time left over for myself, please let me know.

I beg you.

Because if you don't come to me with a magic system to manage my time, [like doing the dishes while simultaneously attending class] then you will be getting less posts from me, and that saddens me.

But never fear... you COULD add me to Twitter HERE, or follow my Twitter feed in your own newsreader HERE. That way you can follow me throughout the day, as I know you want to!


DLap said...

I just attempted to organize my life.... I colour coded my schedule....and although it looks pretty, I'm still far too busy to do anything....So to hell with bathing? Haha!
One thing at a time!

Darryl said...

I can help out whenever needed, even if it means less Darryl/Michael time. Also, I can help with your assignments - proofread, take notes, whatever. As for time management, there are some ideas that I have. We'll chat... lol

The good part is that you get to eat at work some free food - so there is a positive. Another positive: by living with me, you cut your travel time by more than 3/4, so it COULD have been alot worse.

Think of it this way: it's only for this semester.

Anonymous said...


Dave said...

I read your blog in Google Reader, for whatever it's worth.

i am playing outside said...

Dave, that's worth everything to me. LOL