Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 2/7

Welcome to 2005, Part 2. Its April, y'all!

Lily kissed me goodbye, while Joe looked on. Also, Josh was there. These are some of the misfits I used to hang out with after school.

The World Issues class decided to pack up and head to New York City for a couple days. Uh, awesome! ... I got to hang out with Kristin and this super gigantic stuffed animal elephant at F.A.O Schwarz. Sadly, the front was all ripped up, so there was no toy soldier to greet us at the door. I'm pretty sure this was due to the Apple flagship store being built, but I'm not from New York so sue me if I'm wrong.

Our class was joined by the Arnprior class *spits on the ground*. Here we are providing the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park with some much needed wear and tear.

On the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, Alex tried out someone's fancy new Louis Vuitton bag. I don't think the look stuck. Too bad.

Rebecca C. and Brandon decided against purses, and opted for interesting head wear instead.

Holy crap, I totally met Mike in NYC. Good times! This is a picture of us fresh off the boat... er, ferry.

After a couple days, we were all like psh, we're so totally over NYC, and headed on down to Washington, D.C., where batmando was born!

There was also the whole meeting Ollie thing, which was a waste of time since his back-from-the-trip self was loserish. Stupid Arnprior kids!

I caught many people sleeping on the bus, but Gillian was the most frequent, and clearly the most awesome.

Sometime after we came back, my little cousin Madison came over for a visit, and was so freaking cute!

Next week, 2005 moves to May. Prom season.


Anonymous said...

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stacy said...

love the flashback series!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm digging those red bookshelves big time.

i am playing outside said...

stacy - i'm glad you like the flashbacks! i've been so busy that sometimes its the only thing keeping the blog afloat. and who doesn't love pictures?

lady - i love living with the red bookshelves. eventually i'll get some whole apartment pics up, and you can see them in all their glory!

Darryl said...

... and you better let me have access to the said photos so that I may show them off too! *shakes fist*