Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2005 pt. 1/7

2005 saw a dramatic increase in the taking of pictures, since I got a digital camera for Christmas the week before. It also had a lot of important things going on. I ended up picking 88 pictures, divided into 7 weeks. Enjoy Part 1!

I found Kristin, Traci and Lindsay getting ready for lunch. Who doesn't want an apple and carrots?

Jodie was all like 'NOT ME!' and decided to feed a can of pears to that awful head of hair...

Hey look, a pic of Stek and Lou. She's still crazy. I wonder what he's up to these days. I only have this because our lockers were close HAHA

A picture of Ashley being lazy in the little hall? Shocking! But surprisingly, she's not combing her hair here. She's probably FROZEN though. Shorts sleeves in January? My goodness!

Curling practice that night with Lindsay and Lesley. This was slightly before Lesley became super awesome HAHA.

For our winter fun day, we went disco bowling in Ottawa. Nothing since winter fun like indoor bowling. Felicia, Gillian and Rebecca N. found a special circle of friendship.

Lindsay, Spencer, Jacey and I rocked it in the annual Sweetheart Spiel on Valentine's Day. Best dressed curling team EVER.

On St. Patrick's day, I went to Coco Jarry's with Momma and Alison, to celebrate our half-Irishness [I guess Momma is fully Irish]. It was a good time.

I was the official card dealer throughout most of the lunch periods throughout high school. Just look how fast I was! I also went on to win the last round on the last day of high school. Because I'm awesome.

And we shall finish off this week's look at 2005 with boredmando and her awesome bracelets, sitting in World Issues. Next week, that class takes learning on the road...


Bec said...

first of all I can't believe you got a photo of ashley at all! I remember one weekend steph wanted to take a group photo of everyone and ashley wouldn't allow it since she didnt know we would be taking photos

i am playing outside said...

lol nice... i have two or three pics of ashley!!

David said...

Your blog always seems to make me miss curling. Please explain this, Mike.

i am playing outside said...

well you see Dave, curling is a fantastic sport for the following reasons:

1. the team isn't too large, so you are still important, and there's really no one to overshadow you, since everyone works together.

2. its a winter sport, which rocks.

3. it actually involves friendliness/good sportsmanship. and acuracy! [see commercial stating "they say football is a game of inches... i wish we had inches"]

4. matching sweaters

5. i'm sure i've left something out, but the best reason is the drink(s) at the end of the game! [and in certain cases, during!] making it quite a social sport.

JennyMac said...

I also possessed a few of those giant hooded sweatshirts as displayed in this blog. You could see my ribcage I was so scant but I would wear them in size xxxl. Thats a good look. LOL.

David said...

All very good points. The fact that it's also the only sport I'm actually good at helps too, I suppose.