Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2004

A day late and a buck short... these pictures from 2004 kind of suck. Enjoy!

Alison went ice fishing with Jupiter, and since she had no winter gear, she borrowed. From 1986.

In warmer weather, my cousin Lisa got married. The only good picture I have from that day is this one of my grandma, lookin' good.

That summer, Jodie and I spent 5 weeks participating in the Summer Language Bursary Program, which is sponsored by the government [yay!]. 5 weeks in Quebec City was truly not enough, but it was a WONDERFUL experience, and I still stay in touch with some of the people I met there. If you've got lots of time on your hands, you can read the blog I wrote during that time HERE. At the gala on the last night, some questionable soup was served. No, I didn't ACTUALLY eat it.

With graduation looming, we got all dolled up in our gowns and posed for the camera. I know... I'm stunning. A true scholar.

I turned 17 and there was cake, and red pants, and licking icing off the candles of that cake.

What an awful fucking picture. Hey look! I got a job at the brand spankin' new No Frills store. 70,000 square feet of grocery fun! I was the best cashier they had. No contest.

Jade and I spent 5 months of co-op working afternoons at our former elementary school. Oh, the things we laminated!

I don't know WHY, but in art class, I tried stabbing Joe with a paintbrush. The mess in the background denotes the fact that its actually art class, and not just a lie.

And then it was Christmas. Much love from the family!


Sornie said...

Wow, my parents have a snowmobile suit like that blue one hanging on their basement. It's from the early 70s.

Bec said...

Ellie wore one like that last winter when we went sledding, the craziness! Also that art room is sooooo disorganized, I dont think its ever been cleaned

Darryl said...

best. snowsuit. ever.

Anonymous said...

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