Monday, September 21, 2009

The Crying Child

Last night, Darryl's Mommy and his nephew Parker came over for supper. Momma was in town for the weekend to babysit the wee one, as his parents were at a wedding.

Here is the happy family all together, after our delicious pizza and cheesecake [which Darryl made. yum! but not as good as my mom's! lol]

Andrea was here too, just so there's no confusion.

Before and after supper, we played Wii. Parker is only 6, but he plays so much that he can school anyone at any game ever. Until I beat him by like 700 points in the bowling portion of Wii Sports Resort. And he bawled his damn eyes out.

But clearly, he got over it eventually. And it is my opinion that someone has to show children [especially when they're the only child!] that they can't always have their way, and they wont always win. And that I am awesome.


Bec said...

you did the right think making that child cry!

Darryl said...

haha completely agree... i've done it before - but he was only five then.

the worst part is that the kid is so damned try to beat him every time you play against him just so he feels how it is to lose!