Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Blogcation

And now, a very special message from Michael...

Welcome back, faithful readers! As you can see, I've gotten my hair cut [no more Seth Rogan comments!] and I have finally returned from my two week period of non-blogging [which was unplanned, but I needed it. I've been busy busy]. Here's a roundup, bullet point style:

  • My sister came to Ottawa and helped me get all moved in with Darryl. It was a quick and painless move, followed by lasagna and cake! We also made a trip to IKEA and purchased some LACK floating shelves, since I had big plans for storing our books and DVDs. Subsequently, it was determined that our apartment walls are total garbage, and would not allow the shelves to be attached. Of course I threw out the receipt, so now I've got these 4 large shelves under the bed, and Darryl got us some beautiful new red BILLY bookcases. The entire apartment was unpacked and organized within a week, and now it feels like home! Eventually you'll get photos, or maybe a video tour if you're really lucky!
  • Work just keeps on truckin'... most of the good kitchen staff have quit though. By the time I reach 2 months on the job, I'll have seen [at least] 13 people quit or fired. But they hired me a new assistant for the busy weekend nights, and he rocks. He knows how to do his job properly, and is easy going and willing to stick around. He better never quit on me!
  • A few weeks ago, one of the other restaurants that shares an alley with us put a crate of saucers outside. Our chef decided we could use them, so he brought them in and had me clean them, and then they were stacked on a shelf in the dish pit. A slanted shelf. So over the past few weeks, he has been forcing the servers to use them as individual plates for when a table gets nachos. The plates are in my way because now the shelves are over crowded and they are where I used to put my drink while I work. The servers hate the plates because they don't sit properly with the other plates they use, since they are saucers for teacups, rather than small plates. Did I mention that they are a tall stack of delicate saucers on a slanted shelf? Yes I did. Well last night, my assistant and I were in the dish pit as usual, chatting with one of the serves who was getting something from the fridge. I joked that we should start throwing out a few of the plates each day and eventually they will have been phased out. I was drinking water at the time. Then the chef entered the room for some unknown reason. Then I placed my water on the shelf in front of the stack and walked away from the shelf. Almost instantly, the plates and my cup were crashing down, one by one, onto the metal table below, and then the tile floor. It was the longest and loudest event possible, and the entire restaurant heard it, even on the second floor. It was awesome, although we had to quickly clean up the floor which was now covered with my water and broken plates. Sharp and slippery is a great combo! [NOTE: about 10 plates survived. Blast!]
  • My adventures in public have been enjoyable lately. It seems that almost every day, I run into someone I know. And on Monday night, Darryl and I took Mando to Starbucks because she did not know how to order things there, so we taught her. Then we hung out in Chapters for a while, which of course was hilarious. Then we went to Parliament Hill, which was a nice lookout point to watch the hot air balloons rising from the festival in Gatineau, although they were a bit too far away for the pictures to turn out well [I assume... Mando hasn't shown them yet].
  • And finally, I'm back to school as of Wednesday. Yes that's right, when I told you I was done school, I lied. It turned out that when I went to drop my minor, due to the university not offering the last course I needed to complete it any time in the next 100 years, I was unable to graduate with only my major in Geography, so now I have to upgrade my program to a specialization. This means two courses this semester, and one more in the winter. This is why I've settled somewhat comfortably [for now] into my nighttime restaurant job, until I find something better, or until the school year is over and I don't have anything else to worry about, scheduling-wise.
  • Finally, I paid off my credit card yesterday, which means my flight to the Olympics is totally paid for! Now the only debt I have is my $1950 tuition bill. Oh, and I start paying back my student loan in November. Oh joy. But at least when I start paying that, it will only be 300 bucks per month, instead of just saving a small amount of my paycheck for myself, and throwing the rest onto my credit card or tuition bill. So if anyone wants to send me money, just let me know!


Darryl said...

Good post.

Hey!! I think it should be noted that our walls are not "garbage" -- the opposite in fact! :P

To the faithful readers: Need shelves? Call us!

Anonymous said...

Do the right thing is smart to do should not do is ignorance.